Hurt & Comfort

Book 3: Deepest Hurt

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Chapter 4: Rebuilding Dreams

Andrew finished removing Alan's shirt and proceeded to his pants when Alan stopped him.

"Love, I need to tell you something before we start." Alan said and pulled Andrew close to him.


"As nice as it is to be spontaneous, I think that this first time I'll let you know what to expect before we do anything. That should make things a little more comfortable later on." Alan said carefully.


Alan pulled back to look into Andrew's eyes to see the hint of anxiety that he expected. He stroked Andrew's hair and said, "To start with, I'm going to bring you pleasure, I know that you'll want to do the same for me, but this first time, let me take the lead and show you what I enjoy."

Andrew nodded and Alan continued, "I need for you to tell me if you don't like something that I'm doing. Next time, you can try whatever you want with me and I'll do the same for you."

"That sounds good to me." Andrew said with a smile.

"We aren't going to do everything this time because... Love, you're a virgin, you need to be stretched and no matter how careful I am, it would cause you pain if I tried to... penetrate you tonight. I never want to cause you pain if I can prevent it."

"So we're not going to...?" Andrew asked with surprise.

"I'm not a virgin, I'm going to prepare you, to show you how it's done, then you're going to prepare me and fuck me." Alan said calmly.

A shiver ran through Andrew's body that Alan noticed. After a gentle kiss Alan asked, "Enough talk?"

"Enough talk." Andrew said with a smile and moved his hand to Alan's zipper.

* * * * *

Dawn went to the front of the dining room and the room quieted.

"Thank you all for coming. I just wanted to fill everyone in on what I know, and find out if anyone has any ideas about what we should do." Dawn said to the group.

Ororo stood and asked, "Are you proposing we take action without the professor's sanction?"

"No, I'm proposing that we pool our knowledge and discuss the alternatives. Then we... I can approach the professor with what we've come up with and present him with a list of options rather than a list of questions." Dawn said calmly.

Ororo nodded in acceptance and sat down.

Dawn began to tell the story of what happened in Alan's home dimension. When she finished, Tara interjected a few points and Alex relayed what he had learned from the professor.

Somehow the subject of Margaret Riley's baby came up and the whole story was revealed by Tara, Alex, and Dawn, with the occasional interjection by Scott. There was an air of agreement that they would all help the baby however they could and equal agreement that they would do all they could to make all drunks think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car.

"So vat do you zink we should do about the virus?" Kurt asked loudly, dragging the group back to the topic at hand.

"I thought we should go after the people who would develop such a thing and... prevent them... somehow. That's why I need your help, I'm not familiar with what resources you have to accomplish this." Dawn said with a little helpless tone to her voice.

"It is a very good idea. Among all of us, I'm sure we can come up with something that the professor will approve of." Peter said before his inherent shyness shut him up.

There was a murmur of agreement that went through the crowd and the discussion began to flow.

* * * * *

The door of the surgical area opened and Hank walked out, obviously exhausted.

"How did it go?" Xander asked as he jumped up from his seat.

"Everything went as expected. We will not know if the surgery was a success for some days yet, but there were no complications with the transplants." Hank said professionally.

"So what do we do now?" Xander asked with coiled tension.

"We wait. You will be able to go in and see Mr. LeBeau in a few minutes. Do not be shocked by the way he is restrained in the bed, it is necessary for his head to be kept completely still for the next twenty-four hours. His head is fixed into a device called a halo, sometimes used to immobilize people with neck injuries. Although it looks like a torture device, it simply holds Mr. LeBeau's head completely still." Hank said seriously.

"When will he wake up?" Xander asked quietly.

"He is heavily sedated into a near coma to minimize the possibility of eye movement during his sleep. Tomorrow about this time I will reduce the sedation until he achieves a natural sleep. I should think... day after tomorrow, in the morning will be the soonest that he could be expected to wake.

"Can I see him?" Xander asked with anxiety.

"Yes, but be very careful not to jar his bed. You may take his hand if you wish but do not touch his face or lean on his bed at all. Every movement jeopardizes the possibility of him being able to see." Hank said and opened the door to welcome Xander into the surgical area.

"You're not putting him into a private room like you did for Jean?" Xander asked.

"No, he cannot be moved, he will remain in this bed for at least a week." Hank said.

"A week of bedrest? I should have known." Xander said with a tired smile.

Hank just rolled his eyes and left the room.

Xander went to the chair that was conveniently beside the bed and sat.

He took Remy's hand into his own and said, "Don't worry Cajun. Everything's going to be fine."

* * * * *

After Andrew had finished revealing all the flesh of his lover, Alan began to unwrap his own present.

With torturous slowness he removed each article of Andrew's clothing with reverence and awe. Each bit of exposed flesh was slowly explored with hands, mouth, and tongue.

Andrew writhed with pleasure as Alan began to suckle his left nipple. He gasped as Alan gently tugged the pink nub with his teeth before moving to the right one to give it equal attention.

Alan moved down Andrew's body and began to tongue his navel. Andrew began to laugh and pulled away. "Stop it, that tickles." Andrew said and playfully slapped Alan on the shoulder.

Alan moved lower and began to nuzzle the insides of Andrew's thighs.

"Unngh, that's good." Andrew said as his eyes rolled up in pleasure.

"Let me know what you think of this bit." Alan said and moved to the perineum.

Andrew let out a sigh of pleasure then a gasp as Alan nipped him playfully.

Finally, Alan moved to the scrotum and took one of Andrew's balls gently into his mouth. Andrew's penis jerked and for a moment Alan thought he had had an orgasm from just this sensation.

Undeterred, Alan gave the other ball equal attention, then moved up to Andrew's painfully erect cock.

He just looked at the organ for a moment and considered where to start. Finally he took just the head into his mouth and slowly licked around the rim of the glans.

In response, Andrew nearly bucked him off the bed.

Alan pulled off the cock and gently blew cool air across the moistened head. Andrew let out an indescribable sound that was somehow both a gasp and a moan.

With deliberate slowness, Alan went back to the cock and began to suck it into his mouth. After a gasp from Andrew, he continued until he had taken the entire length.

Alan felt Andrew's hands in his hair, not forcing, just holding. He moved to the tip, then back to the root. As Alan started a rhythm, Andrew released his head and took hold of the sheets of the bed, balling them into his fists.

Andrew's balls pulled up and Alan knew that it wouldn't be much longer. He increased the rhythm and force of his sucking and brought Andrew to completion. The groan of pleasure that Andrew loosed at the height of his orgasm made Alan wonder about what their roommates would be thinking when they heard it. The sound would be easily heard throughout the house.

Alan climbed up the bed and took Andrew into his arms. He was concerned to find Andrew trembling, but at the look of peaceful contentment on his face, Alan let loose his worry and moved in for a gentle kiss.

{That was... oh Gods... I never...} Andrew said in a whisper.

"Yeah, and if you liked that, you'll love the next part." Alan said with a serene smile.

Andrew nuzzled against Alan's chest and said, "I love you so much. I'm so glad my first time could be with you."

"Me too." Alan said contentedly and moved in for another, deeper kiss.

Andrew was surprised at Alan's taste and realized that he tasted himself in Alan's mouth.

Alan pulled out of the kiss and looked down to Andrew's renewed erection and said, "Looks like you're ready to go again."

A shudder ran through Andrew's body as Alan dragged his fingertips down Andrew's chest and toward his engorged member.

* * * * *

Dawn made her way down the elevator and to the MedLab's biochemistry room to find the professor.

"Where is Professor Xavier?" She asked Jean.

"He went to Cerebro to check on some things. What did you need?" Jean asked while continuing what she was doing on the computer.

"I just needed to talk to him about some stuff." Dawn said absently, thinking about what to do next.

"Just call to him in your mind. Make sure that you call him gently, Cerebro enhances his mental abilities and a loud call can cause him pain." Jean said and wrote something down on a notepad.

Dawn nodded and took a seat.

//Professor? Can you hear me?//

//Yes Ms. Summers, what can I do for you?// The professor responded immediately.

Dawn outlined the events of the meeting and the suggestions that the group had come up with.

//That was very resourceful of you. If it were two weeks ago, your efforts might have been rewarded. However, I have just discovered that those scientists that you were worried about have already developed the virus and are in the process of implementing the distribution of the agent to the major cities of the world.// The professor communicated with an undercurrent of fear.

//Are we too late?// Dawn asked with a tremble of her own fear coming across the link.

//For your plan to work... yes. To stop this... maybe not. We will need to take decisive action. Go to the group in the dining hall and tell them to prepare for visitors. We are going to need help to attempt something on this scale. I will join you there in half an hour. There are some matters I must attend to immediately.// The professor sent with serious intent.

//What are we going to do?// Dawn asked quietly.

//Get them before they get us.// The professor said with finality and let the link go quiet.

To Be Continued...