Hurt & Comfort

Book 3: Deepest Hurt

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Chapter 5: Friends, Lovers and Others

After moving Andrew to his side and positioning him with one leg forward, Alan took his lubricated index finger and gently moved around Andrew's most private opening. He waited for Andrew to get used to the sensation before he gently pressed his finger over the opening and rubbed in a slow massaging motion.

"Just relax love. Let me know if you want me to stop at any time and I will. I'm lubricating and relaxing you. Notice that I'm going slowly, allowing you to adjust to each sensation before I move on." Alan said with a disturbingly professional tone.

"Keep going, it feels nice." Andrew said as he relaxed.

"Good, now I'm putting my finger in, just a little bit to loosen you. It's like I'm massaging your hole." Alan said and suited actions to words.

Andrew flinched a little and let out an 'umph' before relaxing again into the sensation.

"Okay, now that I've made it past the first sphincter, I'm going to move to the second, just inside."

Andrew remained relaxed this time as Alan made his way deeper into the tight orifice.

"How you doing?" Alan asked quietly, keeping the rhythm of his massage.

"Fine, it feels a little weird, but nice." Andrew said as he savored the experience of this new sensation.

"Good, now I'm going to move my finger in a little deeper... all you should feel is a little stretching and I'll go slow." Alan said and added more lubricant to his finger before moving deeper.

"Oooookay. That just feels weird." Andrew said in a gasp.

"But not bad?" Alan asked in confirmation.

"No, not bad, but... strange." Andrew said and tried to relax again.

"Good. Now hold on, I'm about to show you one of my favorite things... you might want to grab on to something." Alan said with a smile in his voice.

Andrew grabbed onto the headboard, feeling anxious at the vague statement.

Alan moved his finger and found the little bump that was Andrew's prostate.

"Fuck!" Andrew gasped as Alan began to massage the protrusion.

"One more thing, then it's your turn." Alan said and began a deliberate fucking motion with his finger.

Andrew began to moan in a ululating tone.

Alan could tell that Andrew was nearing his climax and reluctantly stopped his motion.

"Why did you stop?" Andrew asked in protest.

"Because it's your turn. I've just prepared you, the only difference is that I would have done the same thing with two, then three fingers before I entered you with my penis. Now it's your turn to prepare me." Alan said peacefully.

With a little exasperation at the abrupt halt to the wondrous sensations he was experiencing Andrew turned and found Alan laying face down, spread eagle on the bed.

"I think it will be easiest for you this way, hand me those pillows." Alan said.

After receiving the pillows, Alan placed them under his midsection, forcing his ass into the air.

Andrew hesitantly took the lubrication and began to mimic the actions that Alan had performed on him.

Slowly and deliberately he went through the steps that Alan had shown him until he was making massaging movements deep into Alan's lubricated hole.

"Okay, now lube up two fingers and do the same thing... slowly." Alan said and relaxed into the sensation.

Andrew obeyed and was surprised at the way the opening stretched to accommodate his invading digits. After a few minutes of gentle probing Alan finally said, "It's time for three now."

Andrew hesitantly lubed up three fingers and began the process again. He was fascinated by the stretched opening accepting his three fingers. Long minutes later Alan finally said, "Okay, now lube yourself up, just go slow when you enter."

Andrew put the lube on his cock and noticed that his hands were shaking with the anticipation of this most intimate act.

He slowly moved into position and pressed the head of his cock against the somewhat dilated opening before him.

"Slow, steady pressure." Alan said and braced himself against the pressure to come.

Andrew pushed against the opening slowly and finally gained entrance.

"That's it, give me a few seconds to adjust to you then start pushing again, slow and steady." Alan said with a little strain in his voice.

Andrew was fighting the impulse to hump like a dog and followed Alan's instructions.

Alan finally said, "Okay, now you're fully in. You can get moving now, as slow or fast as you want."

Andrew moved tentatively. He still felt that he might hurt Alan if he moved too quickly or forcefully but as he began to experiment with different speed and force he could tell that Alan was enjoying it.

Andrew scooted his knees forward slightly for more comfort and on his next thrust he felt Alan shudder.

"Oh Gods, did I hurt you?" Andrew asked as he froze in horror.

"No, you know that spot that I touched inside you? You just touched mine... Please... MOVE." Alan said, trying to remain calm.

Andrew understood and began moving again.

After a few experimental thrusts he found the spot again as evidenced by Alan's shudder.

"Oh God love, just like that!" Alan gasped.

Andrew could hear the desperate passion in Alan's voice and feel the coiled tension in his body as he approached orgasm.

The rhythm quickened and became more forceful until Alan moaned.

At the onset of Alan's orgasm, he tightened on Andrew's thrusting member. This increased pressure was enough to push Andrew over the edge.

For a blissful moment, the two were lost in the repeated spasms of ecstasy before Andrew finally collapsed across Alan's back.

Long silent minutes passed... maybe hours...

Finally Alan said, "Gotta move love, you're heavier than you look."

"Can't." Andrew said.

"I'm laying in a puddle of cum." Alan said, not making a move either.

"I just want to stay like this forever." Andrew said and kissed Alan's neck.

"I'm okay with it, but the others might object." Alan said in a considering voice.

Andrew started to laugh and finally moved off Alan's back. When he withdrew from Alan, they both felt a sense of loss.

Andrew moved beside Alan and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Finally the kiss broke and Alan asked, "Now do you believe that I love you and find you attractive?"

"Without a doubt."

* * * * *

"I'm here Charles. If this means what I think, we must act immediately." Magneto said as he stormed into Professor Xavier's office, holding a stack of documents.

"Yes Eric, I agree completely." Professor Xavier said firmly.

Mystique was taken by surprise by the professor's response. "You agree?" she couldn't help but ask.

"Yes Raven. Though I am reluctant to take life, I will do it in defense of even more life... or in this case, all life." The professor said tiredly.

"Since we agree, we should get started." Magneto said, towering over Charles, trying to take command.

"Soon Eric. There is more to this than you know. We will need more help." Professor Xavier said vaguely.

"What do we do in the mean-time?" Eric asked impatiently.

"I will take you to the biochemistry lab to show you our preliminary results, then we will have a meeting in the dining room. Your... followers... are welcomed here. We have prepared rooms for them if they would like to rest before the coming battle. If you go to the dining room, Scott will see to your accommodations." The professor said to Mystique before turning to leave the room.

"See to it." Magneto said to Mystique before following Professor Xavier out of the room.

* * * * *

"John?" Bobby said quietly when Magneto's group entered the dining room.

"Yeah?" John answered in undisguised irritation.

"Would you talk with me for a minute?" Bobby asked hesitantly.

"Sure, why not." Pyro said with hostility in his voice.

Bobby quietly led the way out of the dining room and toward the stairs.

John realized where Bobby was taking him and said, "Somewhere else. Not there."

Bobby was confused about why John wouldn't want to go to his room where they had spent so much time together, but shrugged and led John outside and down to some rocks.

"Why did you leave?" Bobby asked bluntly.

"Why do you think?" John asked with a sneer.

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking." Bobby said in true confusion.

"You really don't have a clue? Talk about self-absorbed." John said while shaking his head in wonder. He got up off his rock to pace.

"Tell me, was it something I did?" Bobby asked in a begging tone.

John stopped in his tracks and looked at Bobby's confused expression and was filled with renewed anger.

"Let's see. We were having sex together for what? Two and a half years? And you would never tell anyone. You treated me like your personal whore and when you were done with me, you didn't even have the decency to break up with me. You just acted like it never happened." John spat with hatred.

"We were just messing around... it didn't mean anything." Bobby said in a whine.

"Fuck Bobby. Do you hear yourself? It didn't mean anything to you, but to me it meant everything. You know what kind of childhood I had. I just wanted to be loved, and I thought that you loved me..." {I know I loved you.} John finished in a whisper.

"Really?" Bobby asked, just beginning to grasp what John was talking about.

"Jesus Christ! You never even thought about it. I was nothing to you. I was a cum bucket that you could squeeze off a load into when the mood struck, then ignore when you were done." John screamed with fury.

"It wasn't like that... it was just fun." Bobby said weakly.

"Then Marie shows up and you cut me off like I'd never touched you before. I didn't exist. I thought we were friends, but from the day she showed up, you treated me like a stranger."

"Please don't be mad at her, she didn't have anything to do with this." Bobby said defensively.

John stood in shock as he heard Bobby defend Marie.

"You unbelievable bastard." John exclaimed in wonder.

Bobby thought that John was disagreeing with his statement and said in explanation, "Marie and I can't even touch. We're a couple in a different way. It's hard to explain."

John was surprised to find that his eyes could open even wider in shock at the obliviousness of his former supposed friend.

"That different way you're talking about, I suppose it's like sharing your thoughts and feelings. Stuff like that?" John asked in a half-daze.

"Yeah." Bobby said shyly.

"Bobby... that's what I wanted. The sex was never the point, it was just the closest thing I could find to what I really wanted. Physical closeness is better than being totally alone." John said in desperation and noticed the veil of cluelessness fall over Bobby's features again.

"I don't..." Bobby began to say in confusion.

"...I know, and I guess you never will. Well now I know that I made the right decision. I only hope that someday you'll have a lover treat you as inconsiderately as you've treated me. And in the instant that the pain comes crashing down on you, as you realize that you were used, and made a fool of, that you will think of me and remember." John said and walked back to the mansion.

[I wonder what got him so pissed off? We were just kids messing around.] Bobby thought before following John inside.

* * * * *

After a leisurely shower together, Andrew opened a portal to the mansion, outside the dining room where he sensed a large group of people.

As they both stepped into the room, conversation stopped.

"What?" Andrew asked defensively and looked quickly at Alan, then down to his zipper.

"Some more things have happened, these are some of Magneto's people." Marie said quietly, speaking the name Magneto as if it were a curse.

"Who?" Alan and Andrew asked simultaneously.

Before Marie could answer Andrew said, "Remy?" and made his way across the room toward the familiar figure.

"Who wants to know?" Gambit asked suspiciously.

"Andrew, this isn't the Remy that you know... He's the one from this universe, he came here with Magneto." Ororo explained quietly.

Remy cast a confused look at Ororo.

"Later, when we have more time I will explain." Ororo said quietly to Remy.

"Nice to meet you Remy. I'm Andrew..." Andrew said slowly and offered his hand.

"Whatever you be sellin, Remy not be buyin." Gambit interrupted and walked away.

"Evil twin?" Alan asked Orroro and Andrew.

"Look who's talking." Andrew said with a teasing smile to take any sting out of the words.

"Are you saying I'm the evil twin? I thought it was Scott!" Alan said with mock worry.

"Since he broke up with me to be with Jean, I guess Scott is the evil twin." Andrew said with assurance.

"I thought so, he just has that look about him, ya know?" Alan said playfully and received a kiss from Andrew before returning his attention to the people around them.

"So what's been going on? And who's this Magneto guy that Marie was talking about?" Alan asked Ororo quietly.

"I would love to explain, but I must catch up with Remy. He is like a bomb, on the verge of explosion unless someone is around him to diffuse the conversation." Ororo said hurriedly and left to find him again.

"I'm glad our Remy isn't like that." Andrew said and noticed another new face.

He made his way over to the new guy and said a little less enthusiastically than before, "Hello, I'm Andrew." And offered his hand.

The young man looked at Andrew appraisingly for a moment, then said, "Lance, you can call me Avalanche." He said and made no move to shake hands.

"What's going on? We just got here." Andrew asked, hoping to strike up conversation.

"Dunno. My boss an your boss are talkin. Rest of us are waitin." Lance said with an unconcerned shrug and walked away.

"Friendly bunch, aren't they?" Alan asked Andrew quietly.

"Yeah, I'm not even going to try and talk to the naked blue woman over there. If she's as friendly as the others, I'll be lucky to get away with my balls attached." Andrew said half-seriously.

{And I like them just the way they are.} Alan whispered into Andrew's ear, then gave him a little kiss on the lobe.

Andrew heard a chuckle and noticed Logan standing against the wall by himself. At Andrew's questioning look, Logan tapped his nose and gave a knowing smile.

Andrew blushed all the way down to his toes when he realized what Logan meant.

* * * * *

After ten minutes of talking with various people in the room, the door opened and the room fell silent again.

"Emma!" Alan said with a joyful smile.

Emma made her way across the room and said, "It is a rare occasion when someone greets me so happily. It is good to see you again Alan. Are you well?"

Alan looked at Andrew and raised an eyebrow in question.

"Go ahead." Andrew said, knowing that Alan wanted to share his thoughts and feelings with this replica of his dear friend.

"Look into my mind and see." Alan said with a serene smile.

Emma was shocked again by Alan's willingness to be scanned, then reached up to touch him gently on the temple.

"Good heavens." She said in wonder as she felt the love and contentment that Andrew and Alan had experienced. Then she found the memory of her other self dying and gasped, "Dear God."

"Yeah. I think her message to you was a warning." Andrew said quietly.

"Yes. And if we survive the coming days, I plan to heed that warning immediately... and celebrate my life." She finished quietly.

"Then her memory has been honored." Alan said with a happy smile.

Emma got a distant look then said, "Charles is calling me. The meeting will start in a few minutes."

Alan and Andrew followed Emma with their eyes as she left the room.

"No matter which universe..." Alan began to say.

"...Yeah, she's an amazing woman." Andrew said, knowing Alan's thought without words.

To Be Continued...