Hurt & Comfort

Book 10: Elusive Comfort

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Chapter 5: Change of Venue

"Hey Slash, it's still early. If you would like, you could come to the boat house for a while." Lee said into the silence.

"What's that?" Slash asked curiously.

"It's where a lot of us live." Lee said as he stood from the table.

"Yeah, I guess so." Slash said hesitantly.

"Let's get our coats, then we'll take the short cut." Lee said as he led the way.

Slash followed, not knowing what he was agreeing to.

* * * * *

"The gathering seems to be breaking up." Wesley observed.

"Yeah. It had to happen sometime." Dawn said as she watched her family and friends fondly.

"What have you been up to Wesley?" Tara asked shyly.

"I have been pursuing some personal projects, mostly ones instigated by the watcher's journals you allowed me to read." Wesley said, turning his full attention to Tara.

"Find anything interesting?" Dawn asked curiously.

"Perhaps. I have traveled to the location of Sunnydale in this dimension and found the remnants of the hellmouth. There wasn't much to go on, but I believe a powerful shaman performed a binding on it more than a century ago." Wesley said seriously.

"Wow, that's incredible." Dawn said in wonder.

"Yes, although that is not the point of divergence between this reality and yours, it is a notable difference." Wesley said in thought.

"Yeah, I've wondered about that. As near as I can tell, the divergence point is somewhere near the sixteen hundreds." Dawn said and turned to face Wesley more fully.

"Perhaps. Without access to more of your world's history, I have little to go on to isolate the divergence." Wesley said distantly.

"Maybe you should talk to Angel, he's the oldest person I know of, maybe he's noticed something." Dawn said quickly.

"Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Do you happen to know where he is?" Wesley asked hopefully.

"No, but Chris is right over there with William, he should know." Dawn said, pointing.

"Shall we ladies?" Wesley asked as he stood.

"We shall." Dawn said with a giggle as she stood and put an arm around Tara.

* * * * *

"Hey Andrew, could you port us over to the boat house. I want to show Slash around." Lee asked hopefully.

"Sure Dad. We'll probably be home before very much longer." Andrew said peacefully and opened the vortex.

"Come on Slash." Lee said, then walked into the swirling mist.

"How safe is this?" Slash asked hesitantly.

"Here." Andrew said and the mist cleared to show the living room of the boat house with Lee standing and waiting.

"Thanks." Slash said and walked hesitantly through.

* * * * *

"Do you think they noticed that we slipped out?" Alex asked as he held Spike tightly.

"If they did, they'll know we're together." Spike said as his hand drifted down to grip Alex's butt.

"Yeah." Alex said in a sigh.

"Mate, I've got something to say." Spike said in a voice of worry.

Alex immediately tensed and pulled back to look into Spike's eyes.

"If the phrases 'like a brother' or 'just friends' are about to come out of your mouth I may have to hurt you." Alex said seriously.

Spike smiled and said in a tender voice, "Nothing like that, I promise."

Alex nodded and rested his head against Spike's shoulder.

"We're both blokes." Spike began.

"I noticed." Alex said with a smile.

"I don't know how much you know about how men make love." Spike continued.

"I think I know what goes where." Alex said as he snuggled closer.

"There's more to it than that. It's the 'more' that I want to talk to you about." Spike said seriously.

"I don't understand." Alex said softly.

"When we make love, I want you to understand what's happening... inside." Spike said with difficulty.

"The prostate?" Alex asked with confusion.

"No mate. I'm not talking physically. On an emotional level men have needs, the need to dominate or submit, the need to be strong or vulnerable..." Spike trailed off in thought.

"Are you saying you want to tie me up?" Alex asked as he pulled back to look into Spike's eyes again.

"No. I mean, we may try that sometime, but that's not what I'm talking about. With a woman, a man is expected to be the strong one, in charge, the aggressor." Spike said as he watched Alex's reaction.

"But with two men, one has to take the submissive role..." Alex said softly.

"Maybe, and that works for some. But not for me." Spike said in a considering tone.

"I still don't understand." Alex said in confusion.

"When we make love, at least at first, I'll probably be dominant. But I don't want you to think that I want you to be submissive. It's just the only way I know to show you what I want." Spike said in frustration.

"What do you want?" Alex asked curiously.

"I want to be able to make love to you, to make you feel as loved and cherished as you are. I want to bring you pleasure and happiness by making you feel safe in my arms." Spike said with a loving smile.

"I have no problem with that." Alex said with a dreamy twinkle in his eyes.

"But I want you to be able to do that to me too. I want to be loved. I want to give up control and feel safe because you're the strong one. That's the part I'm worried about." Spike said seriously.

"You think I'm going to be the submissive one." Alex said, sounding a little hurt.

"I'm worried that you'll think that's what I want you to be. If I'm the one who initiates sex, directs our actions, sets the mood and all that, I'm afraid you'll take the opposing role as the one who follows along." Spike said, trying to make Alex understand.

"I think I'm getting it. Since you have experience, you'll be showing me how to make love. But you're afraid I'll go along with whatever you say and expect you to always be the one in charge." Alex said in thought.

"Right, you've got it." Spike said with a smile.

"And what you want is for me to take charge sometimes. To be... equal." Alex said in peace.

"Right mate. That's what I want. It ain't too hard to find a bloke to bend over for you. But finding a mate, that can be a bit of a challenge." Spike said seriously.

"I've got it Spike. And thank you for telling me. Now I know what you want." Alex said with a smile.

"And once you've had a little experience, I want to know what you want." Spike said honestly.

"I can tell you now." Alex said with a mischievous smile.

Spike raised an eyebrow in question.

"Sex. I love you, and all the romance and stuff is great. But if you aren't ready to make love to me yet, can we at least have sex? I need to get off really bad and I don't want to do it without you." Alex begged.

Spike nodded and walked to the door. He turned the lock and walked back to face Alex.

* * * * *

Dawn approached the table where William, Chris and Ronny were talking.

"Excuse me Chris. Wesley was wanting to talk to your father, do you know where he is?" Dawn asked hopefully.

"He's at Julia's. They wanted some private time." Chris said with a shy smile.

"Oh... um, when are you expecting him back?" Dawn asked with a slight blush.

"In the morning. I told him that I'd be fine by myself. He didn't want to but I told him that all the other kids are here without their parents so he finally said 'okay'." Chris said proudly.

"That's great Chris. I guess we'll talk to him then. Your usual room is still there if you want it Wesley." Dawn said quietly.

"Yes, thank you Miss Summers. That would be quite acceptable." Wesley said with a kind smile.

"Thanks Chris, enjoy your night." Dawn said happily as she led Wesley and Tara away.

"We will." Chris said with a smile as he looked at Ronny and William.

* * * * *

"Would you like to see the babies?" Lee asked quietly.

"Sure." Slash said as he looked around the cozy little home.

Lee gently knocked, then opened a door.

Slash followed Lee into a bedroom.

"Hey Slash, how you doing?" Mr. Wainwright asked pleasantly.

"Fine." Slash said, then followed Xander's gaze to two cribs.

"Hey Lee, would you mind watching the babies for a few minutes? I'd really like to talk with Warren and we can't talk in a normal voice with the babies sleeping." Xander asked hopefully.

"Go ahead. I've got it." Lee said as he looked fondly at the babies.

"Thanks Lee." Xander said quickly as he and Warren left the room.

"Who's babies?" Slash asked in a whisper.

"The smallest one is Marguerite. She's Xander and Remy's daughter." Lee said as he settled into one of the rocking chairs by the cribs.

Slash automatically settled into the other rocker.

"Okay, I'm still not getting how two guys are having these babies." Slash said seriously.

"Marguerite is kind of adopted." Lee said with a smile.

"Every time someone explains something around here, there seems to be a hitch. How is she 'kind of' adopted?" Slash asked, his voice rising slightly.

A little mewling cry came from Marguerite and both men silenced.

"Shhh. Okay, hold on a second and I'll tell you." Lee said hurriedly and left the room.

Slash watched the babies carefully, not knowing if he should do something.

Just a few seconds later, Lee walked back into the room.

"What was that all about?" Slash asked curiously.

"I wash my hands before I handle the babies, especially Marguerite. We need to be careful about germs until they're just a little older." Lee said seriously.

Lee picked up Marguerite and moved to the rocker.

"Where's the bathroom?" Slash asked quietly.

"Next door on the right." Lee said with a smile

Slash went and quickly washed his hands.

When he returned to the room, he sat in a rocking chair and said, "If you want, I can hold her."

Lee immediately placed Marguerite into Slash's arms.

"I'm going to get her bottle ready, she's due for a feeding anyway. If she gets fussy while I'm gone, just rub her back." Lee said and walked to the door.

"Where will you be?" Slash asked with a slight note of terror in his voice.

"In the kitchen, next door on the left. I'll only be gone for three minutes. If the boys start crying, just let them. I'll be right back." Lee said calmly as he left the room.

* * * * *

"So what do you want to do on your first night without parental supervision?" William asked curiously.

"I was thinking that if you guys wanted, you could stay in my room tonight, like a sleep-over." Chris asked hopefully.

"I got no problem with that." Ronny said and looked at William.

"Robert said that when he went camping that he was able to sleep and dream. I believe I would enjoy a 'sleep over'." William said seriously.

"Great. Then let's figure out what we're going to do." Chris said with excitement.

* * * * *

As the bedroom door closed, Robert stopped just inside the door.

"Bobby?" Robert said hesitantly.

Bobby looked carefully at Robert's worried expression.

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked with concern.

"I love you so much, and I want to express my love to you..." Robert trailed off.

"I know, and I promised to wait." Bobby said softly.

"I do not wish to wait. I understand that we are not ready for all the aspects of adult sexuality. But I am ready to experience... Bobby, I need physical release and I wish for my first time to be with you." Robert said seriously.

"Oh Robert, that's, that's the most wonderful gift. But... I can't." Bobby said with regret.

Robert looked crestfallen and Bobby got a speculative look.

"Come on. I've got an idea." Bobby said as he opened the door again.

"What?" Robert asked in surprise.

"Let's find your fathers. I think I've got a way." Bobby said as he led the way down the hall.

* * * * *

"Ro, I needed to ask you something, but it may be none of my business..." Hank trailed off with worry.

"If that is the case, I will tell you so. Please just ask Hank." Orroro said softly.

"It's just... Matt... He has feelings... I wanted to... how do you feel?" Hank asked sporadically.

"For a college professor with three PhDs, your sentence structure leaves something to be desired. However, I believe I understand what you are asking. I cannot say if it is any of your business or not, but I am willing to share my feelings with you so it's a moot point." Orroro said, thenĀ  noticed the look of fear and anticipation in Hank's eyes.

"Logan is a good man. I have more than a passing interest in him. I find him physically appealing and his actions with John and the others have shown me his heart. I have sensed that you feel threatened by his feelings toward me, but I assure you, there is no need to be. I have already told Matt that I do not wish to pursue a relationship with him." Orroro said in a serious voice.

"You chose me?" Hank asked in disbelief.

Orroro smiled at the look of wonder on Hank's face.

"Yes Hank, I chose you. Now kiss me before I change my mind." Orroro said teasingly.

Hank was only too happy to comply.

* * * * *

Lee walked into the bedroom carrying a bottle as Slash rubbed Marguerite's back.

"Here, just turn her a little and hold the bottle for her." Lee said as he helped Slash move Marguerite into position.

Slash finally got the position right and watched as Marguerite began to feed off the small bottle.

"I was going to tell you how she was 'sort of' adopted." Lee said as he settled back in a rocking chair.

"She's related to one of them." Slash said in thought.

"Right... sort of." Lee said with a teasing smile.

Slash got a look of frustration on his face.

"Some mutant haters captured Remy and cut out his eyes because they didn't look normal." Lee said quietly.

Slash got a look of surprise and glanced back to Marguerite to see how she was doing.

"He was put on a list and was given a live organ transplant. The donor of the eyes was Marguerite's mother, Margaret." Lee said softly.

Slash's eyes got big as he thought about that.

"Remy and Xander found out that Margaret and her husband were killed in a car crash and Marguerite was left an orphan. Monday the judge made it official, she's now legally Xander and Remy's daughter." Lee said as he looked lovingly at the little girl.

"So she's related to Remy's eyes?" Slash asked hesitantly.

"You met Remy earlier didn't you?" Lee asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah, just for a second." Slash said in thought.

"Look at her eyes." Lee said and inclined his head toward Marguerite.

"They're beautiful... and just like Remy's." Slash said in wonder.

"Yeah. No one is ever going to be able to deny that she's his daughter." Lee said, then turned at the sound of a fussy baby.

"I'll be right back. I think Chakotay is waking up." Lee said as he stood.

"We'll be fine." Slash said, gazing into Marguerite's eyes.

* * * * *

"Andrew?" Bobby asked as he hurried into the common room where Andrew and Alan were snuggled on the couch.

"Is something wrong?" Andrew asked with immediate concern.

"No. I just need to talk to you two for a minute." Bobby said quickly.

Andrew watched as Bobby looked around the room. There were five other people, but none of them were paying attention.

"Private huh?" Andrew asked, following Bobby's gaze.

"Yeah." Bobby said nervously.

The room felt like it tilted suddenly and Bobby grabbed the arm of the couch reflexively.

"Okay, no one can hear us now. What's up guys?" Andrew asked as he cuddled his husband.

"We need your advice about sex." Bobby said seriously.

"I advise no." Alan said firmly.

"Wait love, I think Bobby's about to explain." Andrew said as he watched Bobby's impatient expression.

"Yeah, I am. Robert needs sex. He's a guy. If he doesn't take care of it... it's got to go somewhere. I just wanted to know if you wanted me to help him out... Or let him figure it out the hard way or do you want him to go the shame and wet dreams route?" Bobby asked in a flustered voice.

Andrew and Alan shared a long look before Alan said, "I did Icheb and Trey's talk, this one is yours."

"Thanks love." Andrew said with a weak smile and looked at Robert's timid expression.

"Come here little man, tell me what's up with you." Andrew said quietly.

"I can't find the words." Robert said helplessly.

"Just try, if you can't find the right words, use wrong words that are close to the same feeling." Andrew said, hoping that made sense.

Robert nodded and thought. Finally he said, "I feel a need... It is coiled with tension in my abdomen. I wish to grind... to push... to thrust..."

"Oh yeah, I know that one. Okay guys, here's the deal. Bobby's right, you need to know how to deal with these urges and the healthiest way will be for Bobby to take care of you... and vice versa I suppose." Andrew said and glanced to find Alan in agreement.

"Guys, do what you need to do, just don't go too far." Andrew said seriously.

"Andrew? Could you please spell it out? Our definitions of 'too far' might be a little different." Bobby asked timidly.

"Yeah, um, how about hands only for now?" Andrew asked hopefully.

Bobby was about to agree when Robert said, "May we enjoy water sports?"

"What?" Andrew asked at the non sequitor wondering why Robert was asking about water skiing now.

"You want to play in piss?" Alan asked in disbelief.

Andrew looked suddenly at Alan, then at Robert in shock.

"I want to know if that is permitted." Robert said simply.

"Um, no, I don't think so... not for a little while." Andrew said with worry.

"Then may we enjoy bondage and discipline?" Robert asked without a trace of emotion.

At any other time, that question with that expression would be completely hilarious. However in the here and now it was horrifying to Andrew and Alan.

"No, that should be on the 'later' list too." Andrew said with wide eyes.

"Much later." Alan said with worry.

"Analingus?" Robert asked seriously.

"What's that?" Andrew asked helplessly as he looked at his sweet, innocent son.

"Rimming." Alan whispered.

"Um, no. Later." Andrew said, then hurriedly continued, "How about you two just use your hands for now and ask about the rest later?"

"Father, I would also like to perform oral sex with Bobby. Would you please permit that?" Robert asked with a pleading look.

Andrew thought about it and fell into the pleading eyes of his not-quite-so-innocent son.

"Okay, but leave the pissing and rimming and bondage alone for a while, agreed?" Andrew asked hopefully.

Robert looked inquiringly at Bobby and waited for Bobby's nod before saying, "Agreed."

Andrew phased them back to normal and watched silently as Robert and Bobby left the room.

"Our little boy is growing up." Alan said as he started to chuckle.

"Growing up to be kinkier than either of his fathers." Andrew said in disbelief and concern.

"Andy, think about this. They asked. They came to us and asked our advice and permission. They won't do any of that stuff without asking... as long as we don't freak on them and make them think they can't come to us... I think they'll be fine." Alan said with assurance.

"I hope so... he wants to do stuff that I haven't even tried." Andrew said in wonder.

"I haven't either, but... I'm open to new things." Alan said seductively into Andrew's ear.

Andrew felt the warm breath and a tingle started firing it's way up his inner thighs.

* * * * *

Bobby and Robert hurried into the dining room where they found Chris, William and Ronny talking.

"Guys, I need your help." Bobby said quickly.

"What's up bro?" Ronny asked with concern.

"Robert and I need... some private time. Do you have any ideas where we could go?" Bobby asked with desperation.

"What's wrong with your room?" Ronny asked slowly.

"Nothing except, um, Robert will probably be spending the night." Bobby said with a blush.

"You're going to have sex." Chris said with a smile.

"Yes." Robert said simply.

"Oh, well, I'm planning to spend the night at Chris' room since his father is at Julia's so that's no problem." Ronny said with a knowing smile directed at his brother.

"Great... I mean, if you're sure. I don't want to chase you out of our room." Bobby stammered.

"We were just talking about the stuff we're going to do. You two go and have fun." Ronny said with a chuckle.

"Thanks. I mean really, thanks." Bobby said as he took Robert's hand.

"Just remember this when I want some privacy sometime." Ronny said firmly.

Bobby thought about that, then said, "Yeah, just say the word and you got it. I promise."

Ronny nodded and watched Bobby and Robert hurry out of the room.

To Be Continued...