Hurt & Comfort

Book 8: Seeking Comfort

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Chapter 15: Forward and Back

We walked into the boathouse and Mom asked, "Aren't you going to knock?"

"I never have before... I'm family." I said as we walked into the living room.

"Hi Clark. John and Trey are upstairs if you're looking for them." Lee said happily.

"Yeah... but first, what are you doing here?" I asked curiously.

"Putting the babies down for their naps. If I'd kept them at the mansion, they'd probably still be getting pinched and cooed over. As much as they love all the attention, if they don't get their rest, they'll be impossible tonight." Lee said seriously.

"Oh, can we look at them? We didn't get to see them at the mansion." Mom asked hopefully.

"No cheek pinching, and keep your cooing to a whisper. I just got them to sleep." Lee said sternly, then smiled and led the way into the bedroom.

I followed as Dad and Mom looked at the babies.

"Oh Jonathan, just look at them." Mom said in a pleading whisper.

"I see dear." Dad said tenderly.

"I think Marguerite has grown since last time I saw her." Mom said, looking at the little girl.

"She should have, she's been eating almost non-stop." Lee said with a fond smile.

"I'm going to find the guys. I'll be back in a minute." I said quietly to Mom and Dad.

"Okay, if you're not down in a few minutes, we'll come up and get you." Dad said with a smile.

I nodded and left.

* * * * *

I knocked on the door hesitantly.

"Come in." Trey called from inside.

I opened the door and was surprised to see Mr. Allerdyce in there too.

"Hi Clark, we were just showing Dad Trey's room." John said with a smile.

"What are you guys doing for Christmas?" I asked suddenly.

"Um... I don't know. I figured I'd hang around the mansion like I did last year." John said uncertainly.

"My fathers have said we will celebrate by giving gifts." Trey said unsurely.

"Mom and Dad invited you both to come home with us on Christmas day. We can still do all the Christmas stuff with the people here, but then we'll drive to the farm and spend a few days with my family." I said with excitement.

"Sure, sounds good to me." John said with a shrug and looked to his dad who gave an answering shrug.

"I will be unable to regenerate." Trey said with concern.

"I was wondering if you could come up with something for that between now and then. Like a travel alcove or a porta-regenerator or something." I said in hope.

"I will need Icheb and Jimmy's assistance to design such a device. But it is a possibility." Trey said in thought.

"And when we come back..." I said, ready to explode with excitement.

"If I've got my license..."

"Dad's giving me a car." I said with a great smile.

"Really?" John asked in wonder.

"Yeah, he's had it for about three years and he's only driven it a few times. He said if I have my license before Christmas, he'll give me the car." I said, feeling pure joy.

"That is so cool Clark. I wish..." John trailed off and looked at his father apologetically.

"...I don't wish for nothin. I got everything that's important." John finished seriously.

"Well, since you're my boyfriend, you get to drive my car whenever you want." I said with a smile.

Trey looked at us curiously.

"You too Trey, just as soon as you get your license." I said joyfully.

"I have never felt the desire to drive, but since you seem to regard the activity so highly, I will endeavor to attain a license." Trey said in a bewildered voice.

"We'll see how you feel about it when you can drive." John said knowingly.

"John... do you want a car?" Mr. Allerdyce asked hesitantly.

"Dad, you don't have that kind of money and I wouldn't ask for it if you did. I'll wait till Clark gets his, and if I decide I want a car of my own, I'll get a job and buy it for myself." John said in a considerate voice.

"If you want, I can keep my eyes open for a good deal." Mr. Allerdyce said timidly.

"Yeah, that'd be great dad. Thanks. I don't really know too many people outside the school so I probably couldn't find a good deal." John said quietly.

Mr. Allerdyce seemed to cheer up a little at that.

"My folks are downstairs looking at babies. I've got to get back to them or they'll come up." I said slowly.

"Kiss?" Trey asked.

I nodded and moved to Trey.

As I moved into Trey's hug, John moved in behind Trey and hugged him from behind.

I kissed Trey deeply as I let my hands drift down John's back to rest on his butt.

John nuzzled Trey's neck and moved his hands to my back, holding me tightly against Trey.

I broke the kiss with Trey and moved to kiss John.

As the kiss began, I could feel Trey slowly nibbling on my ear lobe.

My kiss with John broke and Trey turned his head to kiss John.

The expanse of Trey's neck was exposed to me again and... what could I do, it was there, I was there... I sucked and nibbled from his ear to his shoulder, until their kiss broke.

"You'd better get downstairs now." John whispered through heavy breaths.

"Yeah." I whispered back, then noticed Mr. Allerdyce looking flushed and timid.

"Sorry, I haven't seen them in a while." I said shyly.

"I remember that feeling... vaguely." Mr. Allerdyce said sadly.

"I'll see you later. Mom and Dad are waiting." I said in a rush and hurried out the door.

* * * * *

I went down stairs and stopped.

Mom and Dad were holding each other. They were just standing there, holding close.

They've done that a million times and I never thought about it, but now... I understand.

I stood watching silently. Lost in my thoughts.

"Clark? Did you ask them?" Mom asked and separated from Dad.

"Yeah Mom. John said he'd join us and Trey's going to try and work something out." I said quietly, feeling like I had intruded.

"That's good Clark. Are you ready to go back to the mansion?" Mom asked with a curious expression.

Trey, John and Mr. Allerdyce came down the stairs.

"Clark, why don't you three walk to the mansion. We'll drive Rick over and meet you in the dining room." Mom asked airily.

"Um, sure. What do you say guys? Up for a walk?" I asked simply.

"Yes." Trey said, seeming confused.

"Okay." John said with a shrug.

The three of us walked out and I looked over my shoulder to see Mom, Dad and Mr. Allerdyce looking back at us.

* * * * *

"How are things going with your dad John?" I asked with concern.

"I don't know. It's weird, I don't know how to talk to him. And it's like he's trying so hard, but it's artificial." John said in thought.

We continued to walk in silence until Trey said, "Perhaps your father is as unsure as you are."

"Yeah, I think he is." John said seriously.

"Follow me." Trey said and diverted us from the path.

John and I followed without question and we soon ended up at the field house.

Trey led the way in and waited for us to fully enter.

"John, do you understand that I love you?" Trey asked seriously.

"Yeah, I got that." John said with a smile.

"Then tell me what I can do to help you." Trey said forcefully.

"If I knew, I'd tell you. But knowing that you love me helps more than anything else." John said tenderly.

Trey pulled John into a hug and just held him. The scene of my parents holding each other flashed in my mind and I smiled.

"There's an open spot over here." John said as he flapped a hand at his side.

I moved close to them and put my arms around both of them.

We stood there, just holding each other. Finally John broke the silence by asking, "Where did you get the rings?"

Trey quietly said, "I made them."

"Really?" I asked and looked at the ring closely for the first time.

"From what? I mean, it's really light, like plastic but it's completely solid." John said curiously as he examined his ring.

"From me." Trey said shyly.

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

"My implants weren't all put into my body. Some generated from within my body. The pattern for a ring was very simple to generate. The rings are made of the same tritanium as my implants." Trey explained, sounding uncomfortable.

"They're wonderful Trey. They're even more special because you made them for us." I said in a loving voice.

"Clark's right. I wouldn't want any other ring. This is perfect." John said as he tightened his hug.

"I guess we'd better get to the mansion before the families start worrying." John said reluctantly.

"They can wait a minute. We need this now." I said and kissed John gently on the cheek.

"Agreed." Trey said and kissed John on the other cheek.

"I can't argue with that." John said and relaxed.

"All our parents were there and understand what this means. If being around your dad gets you all tied up, try and remember that we're together. No matter what your dad does or says, we're together and we love you." I said desperately.

"I'll try to remember. Thanks guys, I really needed this time out." John said peacefully.

"I think we all needed it." I said as I enjoyed the feeling of being held.

"I also needed a respite from the activity. The level of tension with your father is most disconcerting." Trey said seriously.

"So let's think of something else... what do you guys want to do after the parents leave?" I asked with a leer.

"You promised that I could be on bottom next." Trey said immediately.

"Yes we did... which do you want Clark? Top or middle?" John asked happily.

"Top I think, I don't think I'll be ready for bottom again for a day or two." I said as I shifted my weight slightly to feel the little ached that I'd had all day.

"Sounds good, I think I like the middle." John said as his voice dropped into a seductive growl.

"So where and when?" I asked as I noticed that this room was unusually warm.

"As much as I'd like to say now... the parents are waiting. Trey, do you think your dads will let you sleep over?" John asked in thought.

"What should I tell my parents I will be doing?" Trey asked unsurely.

"Having sex." I said simply.

"Yeah, no point in lying. All our folks must have figured it out by now. If they ask, tell the truth. If they don't, then they're probably in denial and don't want to know." John said simply.

"Do you think they'll let you?" I asked slowly.

"Yes, my fathers will accept my decision." Trey said with certainty.

"Okay, then what about Scott? I mean, he already told me that he can't sanction a physical relationship between us because we're underage. Are we going to be putting Scott into a difficult position by doing this?" I asked with concern, I didn't want to cause Scott trouble.

"Ask him." John said simply.

I blinked... that would certainly do it. Honest. Above board.

"I'll do that as soon as we get back." I said emphatically.

"I'll speak to my fathers at the earliest convenience." Trey said with certainty.

"And I guess I'll talk to Logan and Ronny. I want to be sure they're cool with everything." John said in thought.

"Okay, one more kiss, then let's do this." I said, energized since we had a plan.

The three-way, marathon kiss progressed until we were all helplessly wanting to forget family, truth, and everything else and get naked now.

Finally the kissing stopped and we pulled apart.

"I love you guys." I said, looking at my two lovers.

"We love you too Clark." Trey said with a glow of peace and happiness.

"Let's do this." I said as we walked out of the field house.

* * * * *

When we got into the mansion, I went to Scott's office, hoping to find him there before I med Mom and Dad in the dining room. When I stepped into the open door, I was surprised to find Mom, Dad, Scott and Mr. Allerdyce talking.

"Did you take the scenic route?" Scott asked with a smile.

"We stopped for a kissing break at the field house." I said as I took a seat beside Mr. Allerdyce.

"So what are you three planning?" Dad asked suspiciously.

I looked at Dad with some surprise and a little hurt. I had come here intending to be honest and was being accused of treachery.

"We're planning to be honest with everyone involved." I said with a little anger creeping into my voice.

Mom and Dad looked surprised by my tone and I immediately felt bad for my attitude.

In a friendlier voice I said, "I'm sorry. But we really decided to come here and tell you honestly what's going on with us. I wanted to talk with you in front of Scott so he knows what I'm telling you and how you feel about it."

"I can leave..." Mr. Allerdyce began to say.

"No, please stay. You're kind of my father-in-law-to-be and I'd like for you to be included." I said in thought.

"Thank you." Mr. Allerdyce said uncertainly.

"So what were you wanting to tell us Clark?" Dad asked with concern.

"Actually, I was hoping you'd ask me what you want to know." I said with a hopeful expression.

"Are you three having sex?" Mom asked immediately.

"Yeah, we are." I said quietly.

"Are you being safe?" Dad asked with worry showing in his eyes.

"John is the only one of us who's ever had sex before, and he was tested before we did anything. I trust the guys to be honest with me and not spread the love outside our group, so... no, we're not being safe the way you mean. But we're not at risk." I said as carefully as I could manage.

"Are you guys planning to be 'out' to the whole school?" Scott asked next.

"We didn't discuss it. But yeah, we probably will." I said, trying to imagine what Trey and John would want.

"How about when you go out? To the movies? To the mall? There's a lot of people who won't accept you." Mr. Allerdyce said hesitantly.

"I know. But we'll face that when we have to. If we can't be ourselves, what's the point?" I asked the room.

"What about sleeping arrangements?" Mom asked quietly.

"I sleep with John now. Trey doesn't sleep." I said in thought.

"I'm not sure I understand the ceremony we witnessed, what did it mean to you?" Mom asked in worry.

"I'm promised. To me, that means that I have to respect and love my partners and share in their lives. I have to really get to know them. When the time comes that we're all old enough and ready, then I'll ask or be asked to get married." I said seriously.

"I see. So you're engaged to be engaged." Mr. Allerdyce said in thought.

"Yes." I said, liking the sound of that.

"Did *you* have any questions Clark?" Mr. Summers asked with concern.

"Yes. I figured we shouldn't make out in the halls, but is there anything else we should or shouldn't do at school. We all like you Scott, and don't want this to cause any more trouble for you than necessary." I said with concern.

"Just be the good guy that your parents raised. If you behave in a way that they can be proud of, I'm sure we won't have any problems." Scott said with a smile.

"Thanks Scott, I'm glad you're my brother." I said happily.

"Me too." Scott said peacefully.

* * * * *

I walked out of the office and found John and Trey standing there waiting for me.

"How did things go?" John asked with worry.

"No problem. But we've got to remember to tone it down around the mansion. I don't want Scott to have problems because of us." I said seriously.

"It'll be tough, but we'll do it for Scott." John said in thought.

"So how about you guys? How'd your talks go?" I asked as we began to walk toward the stairs.

"As expected my fathers accepted my decision. They seemed concerned at my young age and lack of relationship experience, but when I reminded them who my partners are, they said, 'We couldn't have found two better people for you to love.', and they proceeded to talk about our wedding." Trey said with a smile.

"But that's not going to be for years!" I said with wide eyes.

"From what I've seen of Trey's fathers, that may be just enough time for them to stop worrying about it." John said with a pleasant smile.

As the three of us started up the stairs, I saw a familiar figure walk in through the front door.

"Mr. Worthington?" I asked and hurried to greet him.

"Clark! How are you?" Mr. Worthington asked with a grand smile.

"Great. Perfect. Totally awesome." I said with unrestrained glee.

"Well, then I guess you're fitting in here." He said with a chuckle as a man walked in the door.

"Wesley?" Trey asked in surprise.

"Hello again Mr. Summers." He said shyly as he walked up to join us.

I looked at him curiously. I hadn't met this man before.

"I ran into Wesley on the flight here and we got to talking, so I invited him to join me here for Thanksgiving dinner." Mr. Worthington said with a smile.

"I hope it's not an imposition." Wesley mumbled.

"Not at all. Come to the dining room. I know everyone will be happy to see you." Trey said happily.

We began to walk toward the dining room as Mr. Worthington asked, "So has anything happened since I left Sunday?"

I laughed.

Mr. Worthington stopped and looked at me curiously.

I calmed myself and said as best I could, "A few things have happened."

Mr. Worthington raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

"Um, I came out of the closet, have two boyfriends who love me, a friend of mine died..." I trailed off at that, suddenly deflated.

"Who died?" Mr. Worthington asked immediately.

"Peter." Trey whispered.

"Dear God... How's Bobby holding up?" Mr. Worthington asked with concern.

"Not good." John said gravely.

"Do you know where he is?" Mr. Worthington asked with force.

"Maybe in the dining room." John said in thought.

Mr. Worthington walked with determination to the dining room.

John, Trey, Wesley and I followed wordlessly.

* * * * *

When we walked into the room, Mr. Worthington went directly to Bobby and pulled him into a tight hug.

Bobby held him for a few seconds before he started crying, really crying.

I saw everyone watching and walked over to them.

"Come on guys, I think the kitchen is more private." I said in a low voice.

After a minute of maneuvering, I got them into the kitchen.

"He's gone..." Bobby said in such a grave, hollow voice that it sent chills up my spine.

I noticed that Trey, John and Wesley were standing in the doorway and said, "Let's give them some privacy.

All four of us walked back into the dining room to the stares of all the people present.

About twelve people got up from their chairs and came to greet Wesley.

"Who is he?" I asked Trey quietly.

"His name is Wesley Wyndom-Price. He is a friend of my father's and a part of the family." Trey said into my ear.

I watched as Wesley was hugged by nearly half the people in the room before Andrew finally asked him, "Did you meet Clark?"

"We weren't introduced." Wesley said as he looked at me.

"Clark, this is Wesley Wyndom-Price. Wesley, this is Clark Kent, my future son-in-law." Andrew said in delight.

Wesley's eyes went wide and he looked at Andrew for explanation.

"Trey, Clark and John are boyfriends... show Wesley your rings boys." Andrew said, barely containing his pride and joy.

All three of us extended our left hands to show our identical rings.

"Congratulations." Wesley said absently.

"Come on Wesley, I bet you'd enjoy a good meal." Andrew said and led Wesley away.

* * * * *

I put a few things on a plate, just to nibble on and went back to the seat I had had earlier.

"Clark?" I heard Mom call from behind me.

I turned to see Mom, Dad, Mr. Allerdyce and Scott walking into the dining room.

"We're going to have to leave. The farm can't be left unattended for very long." Dad said with a note of sadness.

"I know." I said as I got up and pulled Dad into a hug.

"Do you have everything you need?" Mom asked as I moved to hug her.

"I can't think of anything. I'll call you if I need something." I said as I held her tight.

When the hug broke, we walked to the door.

Just before walking through, Robert ran up to us and said, "I have written the instructions for the sweet potato dish. Clark is quite adept at peeling sweet potatoes."

I rolled my eyes in mock aggravation as Mom said, "I'll remember that. Thank you Robert."

"You're welcome." Robert said with a smile, then went back to his fathers.

"Thank you for asking for the recipe Clark." Mom said as she hugged me to her side.

"I didn't." I admitted shyly.

"I told my brother that you enjoyed his cooking and asked him earlier." Trey said shyly.

Mom let go of me and pulled Trey into a hug.

We walked outside and stopped by Mom and Dad's car.

"Be expecting care packages from us... John, do you like chocolate chip cookies?" Mom asked with a smile.

"Yeah, love 'em." John said happily.

"Then I'll be sure to send enough for you too. You guys take care of each other, and remember to call if you need anything... that includes all of you too Scott." Mom said firmly.

"Yes Mom." Scott said with a joyful smile.

Mom went to each of us and gave us a kiss, Dad was next in line to give all of us a warm hug.

I put an arm around Scott as I stood at his side.

I watched Mom and Dad get in the car and pull away as I felt Trey's arm pull me close from my other side. I glanced over and saw John with an arm around Trey.

All four of us waved as Mom and Dad drove away.

The End of Book 8 ~ To Be Continued in Book 9: Preludes to Comfort