Hurt & Comfort

Book 7: From Hurt to Comfort

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Chapter 17: The New Chapter

There was a loud knocking on the door of the mansion and much ringing of the bell.

"Eric?" Charles asked sleepily as he opened the door.

"Yes Charles, you must gather everyone, including the children." Eric said as he walked past Charles into the entry hall.

"What's the matter Eric? It's three in the morning." Charles asked with a wave of panic.

"Call them and I'll tell you all at once." Eric said seriously.

Charles looked at Eric's expression and came to a decision.

//Everyone, come to the dining room at once.// The Professor sent as he followed Eric down the hall.

"Have you considered building an auditorium? It appears that it would receive much use." Eric said off-handidly as they walked.

"What is this about Eric? You leave with barely a word, are gone for days and suddenly expect my complete trust and cooperation?" Charles asked as they entered the dining room.

"Yes Charles, and you know that I would not do this without reason. I promise, all will be revealed tonight. And I believe you will be pleased."

"So it's not another attack? Thank God for that anyway." Charles said with relief.

"No, no attack. Today history was made."

* * * * *

"Love, I think you should get the children." Alan said as he tried on yet another shirt that wouldn't fit over his belly.

"I don't know the code." Andrew said sheepishly.

"After all that time Seven of Nine spent teaching us? Okay, I'll get Janine and she can wake the others. I'm not ready to try stairs in my condition." Alan said and finally pulled the Starfleet tunic from his closet.

"You're going to wear the dress uniform?" Andrew asked with obvious disapproval.

"It's either that or the hospital gown that won't tie in the back. I don't have any maternity clothes." Alan said helplessly.

"Okay love, let me help. That thing is a nightmare to fasten." Andrew said and moved to Alan's side.

"Thanks Andy... We'd better hurry. From the Professor's tone, they might not wait for us." Alan said as Andrew worked to fasten the clasp on the neck of the tunic.

* * * * *

The Summers family hurried into the dining room to find everyone standing around in bedclothes and bathrobes.

"I believe we're all here now. Eric has an announcement, and I believe it is of some importance." The Professor said and moved aside.

"Actually Charles, read this and you can make the announcement." Eric said and handed him a piece of paper.

Charles took the paper and began to read.

All in the room were enthralled by the look of excitement and joy that came over his normally controlled features.

"He signed it?" Charles asked quietly.

"Yes, just over an hour ago." Eric said happily.

Charles closed his eyes and took a deep breath before calmly saying, "In my hands I hold a piece of legislation... a law. Mutants are now officially recognized as citizens of the United States. This law makes the mutant terrorism laws invalid. When suspected of a crime, every mutant is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers. Further, mutancy has been declared a protected minority status and mutants are entitled to equal housing, education, employment and opportunity for advancement in military service. Any action taken against mutants is to be considered a hate crime."

Silence filled the room as all tried to comprehend the ramifications of this announcement.

Eric stood forward and said, "Thanks to the actions of many of those in this room and the reports of said actions by our friend Senator Kelley to the president, a new chapter has begun in our lives."

* * * * *

Excited whispering began to spread through the room.

"Charles, Senator Kelley has been speaking with the President since the virus incident, filling him in on our side of the story. The President chose to sit quietly and watch so he could determine who was telling him the truth." Eric said firmly.

"Through the course of the past week, evidence has surfaced to expose the conspiracy against mutants in the highest levels of government. Senator Kelley, the President and I have each been working in our own ways to get this bill quietly passed through the houses of congress. Some deals were made, some palms were greased, some arms were twisted... but the end result is a law that confirms that we are citizens with all the rights and responsibilities that citizenship entails." Eric said seriously.

"I can't believe that you, the one who wanted to wipe out non-mutants, were instrumental in bringing us a step further into their society." Charles said curiously.

"I saw the error of my ways. I believed that we would prosper without the non-mutants repression. Later I understood that the qualities that I most despised in non-mutants were also present in my followers, in most all people, except those that live here. Hope Charles, that is what made the difference, hope for a better future. It was not necessary to rid the world of non-mutants, it was necessary to lead them to the truth so they might understand that we can enjoy a prosperous future collectively." Eric said with certainty.

"Perhaps, in support of the new law, we should make the Institute known to the public." Charles said in a considering tone.

Warren had been listening to the conversation and said, "That would cause more problems than it would solve."

"How so?" Charles asked and directed his full attention to Warren.

"This law is new, and was basically passed without public support. Think about race wars, protesters, anti-mutant fanatics. This will become a target for all that and more. I agree that we need a visible place for mutants to go, but this should remain a haven." Warren said seriously.

"He makes a good point Charles. What we need is a new school. One that is operated independently from the Institute. If someone we trust administrates that school, then omega level mutants and alpha level mutants with threatening abilities could be recruited to this facility to learn control and discernment." Eric said as he watched Warren's reaction.

"But how are we going to manage something like that?" Charles asked with worry.

"By opening the Wagner Institute for Mutant Education." Warren said with a smile.

"Wagner? As in Kurt?" Professor Xavier asked incredulously.

"Exactly." Warren said, then turned to Kurt and said, "You are a mutant who can't pass as a non-mutant. That should make you perfect as a role model for new students. Kurt, this is your chance to let every mutant child be proud of who they are."

"But I know nothing of school administration." Kurt said with fear.

"I'll hire someone to deal with the mundane details of running a school. Your job will be to make decisions that are in the best interest of your students. Think about it Kurt, You can change the world, one child at a time." Warren said with passion.

"You say zat you vill pay. Vat is your role in ze new school?" Warren asked carefully.

"I will provide funding until enough tuition can be brought in to make the school profitable. I'll have final approval of purchases over a certain dollar amount until the school begins to turn a profit. At that time I will withdraw from the operation of the school completely and the school will begin to pay back the money that was invested... at a modest interest rate. What can I say, it's still a business." Warren said shyly.

"Unt vhy vould you call ze school 'Wagner' unt not 'Worthington'?" Kurt asked curiously.

"Because Worthington Industries is a corporation known for making appliances. I have many other businesses but they all have different names to keep them separate from the core business. Are you familiar with Tedesco food products?" Warren asked and looked at the group of adults that had formed around him.

"Yes. We had one of their lasagnas tonight for dinner." Charles said with interest.

"I started Mr. Tedesco's business in the same manner I'm suggesting here. At this point the company is publicly traded and I own thirty five percent of the stock in the company. If I wanted to step in and take control for some reason, I would have to acquire sixteen percent more stock... which I could do with a phone call." Warren said in his professional tone.

"So you invest in these companies, and when they begin to make a profit you get stock that continues to pay you a dividend without the need to oversee the operation of the company." The Professor said in an impressed tone.

"Yes, I make money, the business becomes independent and prospers or fails on its own merits, and many people are put to work in the process." Warren said happily.

"Kurt, please consider Warren's offer seriously. What he is suggesting might entail much hard work and some personal danger in the beginning." The Professor said with concern.

"I understand. Und Warren, thank you for ze offer. I wish to accept your offer so we might begin as soon as possible. When people know zat zey vill not be arrested for being a mutant, zey will need a place to go. Ze Wagner Institute vill also serve as a mutant community center." Kurt said with strength.

"Just one thing." Andrew said from behind Warren.

"Vat is zat Andrew?" Warren asked quietly.

"Be sure that the people in your school know that non-mutants are not the enemy. We don't want to start a mutant militia, we want to include the entire community in this project. You *have to* have non-mutants too." Andrew said solidly.

"I understand, but vhy do you feel so strongly about zis?" Kurt asked carefully.

"Because there is a little boy in a neighboring dimension who was filled with anti-mutant propaganda that turned him into a hateful 'friend of humanity'. We can prevent another mistake by discouraging anti-non-mutant propaganda." Andrew said with a quizzical look at the long disjointed word that he had created.

"Very good thinking Andrew. Perhaps we should make a point of having some non-mutant teachers so the students will have daily contact with some non-mutants." The Professor said in speculation.

"Good idea, and while you do that, I'm going to sleep." Alex said and walked toward the door.

"Father, will you port us home? We did not get to complete our regeneration." Icheb asked in a grumpy tone.

"Yes son. I'm glad you were here to share in this special day. Go through that wall and I'll be home soon." Andrew said fondly.

Icheb gave his father and dad each a hug before walking through the vortex.

The rest of the children followed his example and one by one, after hugs, they walked through the vortex.

"Love, I really need to get home too. If you want to stay and talk, Scott could take me home and you can just port when you're done." Alan said quietly.

"That's okay, I said my part. Let's go." Andrew said and helped pull Alan to stand.

"Andrew, do you know how to drive?" Scott asked carefully.

"Yeah, I've only driven a few times, but I got the license." Andrew said with a note of question.

"I'd like to stay and help figure out the details of the new school... and the new law. Why don't you drive yourselves back to the boathouse. You don't need a license while you're on the school's property." Scott said as he divided his attention to keep up with the Professor's conversation.

"Yeah, I didn't think of that Scott. I'll see you back at the house. Thanks." Andrew said warmly.

"Yeah. It's a brother thing." Scott said with a smile before turning his full attention back to the Professor.

"It's just you and me love." Alan said and began slowly walking toward the door.

"What else could we need?" Andrew said with a smile and took his position at Alan's side.

* * * * *

"Good morning Tiger." Eric said in a gruff whisper by Charles ear.

"Eric-love, it is indeed a good morning." Charles said with a joyful smile and turned to give Eric a long, passionate kiss.

"There is something more I need to tell you about the situation with the President." Eric said seriously.

"And what would that be?" Charles asked as he pulled back to look into Eric's face.

"Mystique told him everything that went on in the raid to neutralize the virus, using only mutant names, of course. He was most intrigued when he heard about how Leach protected Blink." Eric said with a warm smile.

"Yes, it was a selfless act that I am quite proud of. I never knew Artie was capable of such bravery." Charles said fondly.

"The President wants to meet him." Eric said quietly.

"What?" Charles asked in shock.

"The President asked if it would be possible to meet the little boy who put his own life in danger to protect his friend. Charles, I honestly believe that Artie's story is what made the President understand the gravity of the situation. Until that point it was adults, fighting each other. When he knew that a child had been threatened, and had been so heroically saved, it brought the point home to him." Eric explained carefully.

"When?" Charles asked with concern.

"Today. We are to be as discreet as possible, this isn't a political ploy. He doesn't want the media involved. Just Artie, Clarissa and one adult to supervise them. They will meet in Senator Kelley's office this afternoon so the President can hear the story from Artie and Clarissa directly.

Charles thought about it and finally said, "They'll be there. Which adult would you suggest accompany them?"

"It doesn't matter. Why don't you ask the children? That way they will be most comfortable." Eric suggested.

"An excellent idea Eric-love. What time is it?" Charles asked with a smile.

"Nearly six thirty." Eric said and looked back to Charles.

"Just enough time for us to take a proper shower." Charles said with a leer.

"Oh Tiger, after all these years, you're still able to surprise me." Eric said with a chuckle.

"Come along, we can talk after." Charles said as he pulled himself out of the bed and into his waiting wheelchair.

"Practical as always, Charles." Eric said fondly and followed.

* * * * *

"Good morning everyone." Andrew said sleepily as he entered the kitchen.

"Good morning Father. Trey said the two of you are going to your dimension today." Janine said as she was picked up and hugged.

"Yes. We're going to see if we can find my father. What are you going to do today?" Andrew asked with a smile.

"Theresa wants to teach me a game... soccer." Janine said with a scrunched up face.

"Oh, soccer is fun. Once you've learned all the rules and how to handle the ball, maybe you can teach your brothers." Andrew said with excitement.

"You believe that they would be interested?" Janine asked curiously.

"Not at first, but once they've seen a game played, I bet they'll want to learn to play." Andrew said and put Janine down on the floor.

"Good morning Andrew, where's Alan? He's usually the early riser." Xander asked as he poured a glass of juice.

The phone rang and Janine jumped back and stared at the phone with fear.

"Remy get it." Remy said as he noticed the fearful expression.

"Don't worry Janine, it's a telephone... a comm device." Andrew said and pulled her into a hug.

"The sound is like the radiation alarm in a Borg vessel." Janine said and held tightly.

"I'll see about getting a phone with a different ringer. Don't worry about it kiddo. It's just a comm device so we can talk to other people." Andrew said in a soothing tone.

Remy hung up the phone and Xander asked, "Who was it?"

"It be Mr. Howlett. He wan Remy and Xander to come wit him an sign some papers wit Aunt Vada." Remy said seriously.

"Can I come?" Janine asked with excitement.

Remy and Xander looked at each other, then at Andrew in question.

"Hey, it's your call guys. If you'd like to take Janine with you, I've got no problem." Andrew said simply.

Andrew sat Janine down and she ran to her room. She stopped just outside the door and said, "I'm going to wear my yellow dress to show Aunt Vada."

"Janine, before you change, come here." Andrew said firmly.

Janine walked carefully to Andrew, who squatted to her level.

"Is Theresa expecting you to play with her today?" Andrew asked carefully.

Janine nodded.

"Then it would be impolite to just not show up. I'm going to show you how to use the phone so you can leave a message for her, letting her know that you won't be showing up. That way she won't be waiting and expecting you." Andrew said slowly.

"Thank you Father, that is kind." Janine said with a big smile.

"See this number, push that sequence in on this pad, then listen here and talk here." Andrew said as he pointed at the parts of the phone.

Janine dialed the number and finally said, "This is Janine Summers, can I leave a message for Theresa Rourke? Yes, I'll wait... Please tell Theresa that I'm going to visit my Aunt Vada today and I won't be able to play soccer with her... Yes.... Thank you. Goodbye."

"You did that just like you've been talking on the phone for years... maybe it has something to do with being a girl... anyway, now you can change for your trip." Andrew said and smiled as he watched Janine run to her room.

"Are you okay with us taking her to New Jersey?" Xander asked carefully.

"I trust you guys. And I know Aunt Vada is going to spoil her rotten... just make sure that she knows that Janine ate right before you got there so she won't be trying to feed her. That could cause a problem." Andrew said in a considering voice.

"Don't worry Andy, between me and the Cajun we'll make sure she's fine." Xander said with assurance.

"Yeah, I'm not worried." Andrew said and glanced toward the bedroom.

"He'll be fine. Scott and William are both going to stay here all day with him. Go and find your father." Xander said warmly.

"Yeah, I'm just going to miss him. He's my life." Andrew said with watery eyes.

"That's so cute." Xander said with a teasing smile.

Remy looked at Xander with watery eyes and said, "Remy be like dat if you leave."

Xander's heart melted and he pulled Remy in for a long, meaningful hug.

Andrew looked at the pair and said, "Looks like your days of teasing the married couples is over, now you get to tease the singles... Good morning Alex." Andrew said as Alex scuffed into the room.

"Woke up in the middle of the night... Scott banging around when he came in... wait... no coffee?" Alex stopped his mumble and glared at the group of men.

"We just got up too. No one's made coffee yet." Andrew said with a hesitant tone.

Alex didn't say a word, he just began making the coffee and between steps he would glare at the men again.

"Wow, he's grumpy when he don't get enough sleep." Xander said with a quizical expression.

"Alex, why don't you go back to bed? It's Saturday, you don't have to be up for anything do you?" Andrew asked carefully.

"What time is it?" Alex asked darkly.

"Almost seven." Andrew answered carefully.

"And what happens at Seven o'clock on Saturday morning?" Alex prompted in a condescending tone.

"Um, I don't know." Andrew said.

"Cartoons." Xander said quickly.

"Right. I'm going to get my coffee, my cereal, and my blanket and sit in the living room and watch cartoons." Alex said in a definite tone.

"I never knew you were so serious about your toons." Andrew said with worry.

"This is what I work toward all week. My one pleasure, my one indulgence. This is mine... And I don't care if the Professor wakes me up at three in the morning and drags me across the property, I'm not going to miss my cartoons." Alex said with finality.

"No one's asking you to... go... enjoy." Xander said carefully.

Alex looked at the coffee maker, then went into the living room.

"Damn, and I thought I was grumpy in the mornings." Xander said with a wide eyed expression.

"Maybe he need to get laid." Remy said quietly.

Xander choked on his juice as all the boys walked into the dining room together.

"What is wrong with Uncle Alex? He has wrapped himself in a blanket and is sitting before the vid screen, is he ill?" Icheb asked with worry.

"He needs this." Andrew said and poured a cup of coffee.

"Would you take this to him? He should be better after he's had his first cup of coffee." Andrew said with assurance.

Icheb took the coffee and went to the living room.

* * * * *

Bobby waited impatiently in the hallway outside the Professor's room. He had followed Magneto when he left the early morning meeting and saw him go in.

"I'll meet you in the kitchen. I have a few calls to make." Eric said as he walked out of the room.

"Magneto?" Bobby asked hesitantly.

"It's the young Iceman, what can I do for you this fine morning?" Magneto asked with uncharacteristic cheer.

"Can you give John a message for me?" Bobby asked without moving closer.

"I will not be your message service. If Pyro want's to contact you, he knows where to find you." Eric said and began to walk.

"Please Magneto, just one message and I won't ask again." Bobby said with a pleading tone.

"Very well." Eric said and waited impatiently, his cheerful mood a thing of the past.

"Just tell him I'm sorry. If he wants to talk, he can call me... that's all." Bobby said quietly.

"He will get the message, now please excuse me, I have to make a call." Eric said and walked past Bobby.

* * * * *

"How are you feeling this morning?" Hank asked kindly.

"I feel good Dr. McCoy. Can I get out of bed today?" Chris asked with hope.

"Let me look at your wound..." Hank trailed off as he looked under the bandage.

"Angel, if I were to release Chris from his bedrest today, do you think you could keep him from overdoing or causing undue stress on his wound?" Hank asked seriously.

"Probably not. Look at him." Angel said playfully.

Both men looked at the excited, expectant expression on Chris' face.

"Very well, you are allowed to get out of your bed, you can walk for no more than five minutes at a stretch today. And you may leave MedLab if you wish, but you cannot be alone." Hank said sternly.

"Yes Doctor... Dad, can we visit William and Robert today?" Chris asked hopefully.

"I'm afraid I can't go out in the sunlight. I'm sorry Chris." Angel said as his heart broke, having to deny such a small request from his son.

"It's okay Dad, maybe they can come over here." Chris said bravely.

"Yeah, maybe they can." Angel said quietly.

//Chris, ask your father to bring you to my office. I may have a way to help you.// The Professor sent gently.

"Dad, the Professor just talked to my mind, he wants us to go to his office." Chris said with excitement.

"Is that okay Dr. McCoy?" Angel asked to be sure.

"Yes, that's just fine." Hank said and watched fondly as Angel pushed Chris out of the MedLab in a wheelchair.

* * * * *

"I do not understand the purpose of this video." Icheb said in wonder.

"Entertainment, it's like reading a story without all the words getting in the way." Alex said as they watched the show.

There was some action on the screen and Icheb finally asked, "I do not understand what that reptile with wings is supposed to represent."

"That's Charizard, he's a fire breathing dragon." Alex said quickly.

"I am leaving now, enjoy your day Uncle Alex." Robert said quietly.

"Next Saturday, you should plan to watch cartoons with me, I do this every week." Alex said as he automatically got up and hugged Robert.

"Thank you Uncle Alex, I will do that." Robert said with a smile before going into the kitchen.

"The little yellow one seems codependent. He has sufficient strength and ability to function independently, yet he seeks validation and support from the one in the hat who is weaker." Icheb said with concern.

"They're friends, Pickachu and Ash are best friends even though they're totally different species." Alex said as he wrapped himself in the blanket.

"Do you think people of different species should be friends?" Jimmy asked quietly as he watched.

"Yeah. As long as people are good, species don't matter." Alex said with certainty then looked at Jimmy curiously.

Jimmy looked back at Alex in question.

"Are you cold?" Alex asked hesitantly.

"Yes, a little, but not enough to require more clothing." Jimmy said seriously.

"Come here." Alex said and unwrapped himself.

Jimmy moved in front of Alex cautiously and was engulfed into his blanketed arms.

After a moment of playful snuggling, Alex carefully wrapped the blanket around them both.

After a few minutes of watching the television Jimmy said, "Icheb, you should get a blanket and do this, it is quite comfortable."

"Icheb looked to Trey and William who both nodded, then left the room.

* * * * *

Robert walked into the kitchen to find Xander and Remy talking with his Father.

"Father, could you please port me to the mansion? I'm going running with Bobby today." Robert asked hopefully.

Andrew began to laugh. Everyone watched him and waited for the explanation.

"He's going running to get exercise, but want's me to port him to the mansion... I just find that funny." Andrew finally said.

"Like de people who drive to de gym to use de treadmill." Remy said as he nodded in comprehension.

Robert got a sour look and Andrew stopped laughing. "I'm sorry Robert, of course I'll port you, do you understand why I was laughing?" Andrew asked carefully.

Robert shook his head.

"Because the purpose of running is to get exercise, but by asking me to port you instead of walking to the mansion, you are avoiding exercise. The seeming contradiction in your actions is funny." Andrew explained.

"Oh, but my purpose is to spend time with Bobby and Pete. My body is in adequate condition. If my purpose were as you say, then my actions would be contradictory." Robert said with a gentle smile.

"Okay, where in the mansion do you want to go?" Andrew asked gently.

"The entry hall, I am not sure where I should meet him." Robert said simply.

"Okay, have fun. I'll be gone today, so behave for your dad and Uncle Scott." Andrew said as the portal formed.

"I will. Enjoy your visit with grandfather." Robert said as he walked through the vortex.

* * * * *

Icheb walked into the kitchen and asked, "Where may I find a blanket so we may emulate Uncle Alex's actions?"

"There is an extra blanket at the foot of our bed. Just be quiet so you don't wake your Dad." Andrew said as he nursed his coffee.

"Thank you Father." Icheb said and left the room.

A long moment of silence fell over the kitchen before Xander finally said, "I can't help it, I've got to see this."

Andrew got a big smile as he said, "Me too, be quiet."

Xander, Remy and Andrew went to the kitchen door and peeked out to see Alex and Jimmy wrapped in one blanket as Trey, William and Icheb were wrapped in another, all watching cartoons.

"Does anyone have a camera? That is a picture that I want to keep." Andrew said as he withdrew into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'll get it." Xander said with a tender smile as he left the room.

* * * * *

"I do not understand, what creature is the pink one supposed to represent?" Trey asked curiously.

"That's Kirby... I don't know what he is, I guess it doesn't matter. Just watch the story." Alex said as he carefully watched the show.

"Species four six four." Jimmy said confidently.

"What's that?" Alex asked with interest as a commercial came on.

"They are the inhabitants of Taragah seven. Their weak musculature and fragile skeletal structure makes them unworthy of assimilation." Jimmy said from memory.

"So the Borg left them alone?" Alex asked curiously.

"Yes, there was no benefit in expending energy to terminate them. They have no technology and exist only to eat and procreate." Jimmy said absently.

"Good for them. It sounds peaceful." Alex said in thought.

"They had no purpose that was apparent. I prefer to have a purpose." Jimmy said assertively.

"I suppose. But after chasing a purpose for a long time, the thought of existing only for relaxation sounds nice." Alex said and looked into Jimmy's eyes.

"I believe a philosophy between the two extremes is most rewarding." Trey said in thought.

"I guess so. Being like a Kirby would be boring after a while." Alex conceded.

Scott walked into the room and stopped at the sight of all the guys wrapped in blankets, huddled before the television.

"We can turn up the heat if you want." Scott said seriously.

"Scott, you're doing it again... being practical. Squeeze in here beside Jimmy, then tell me if you'd rather have the room warmer." Alex said in fun.

Scott nodded and climbed into the blanket with Alex and Jimmy.

After a minute Alex asked, "Isn't this better than a warm room where we all sit alone?"

"Yeah, this is nice." Scott said with a tender smile.

There was a flash and everyone turned to see Xander holding a camera.

"What's that for?" Scott asked curiously.

"We just needed to capture this moment for future generations. If we ever need proof that we're really a family, this picture is it." Xander said with a smile.

"I figured you'd be watching cartoons with us." Alex said over his shoulder.

"Not this week, We're going to sign some paperwork... but I'll be right there with you next Saturday." Xander said as a vow.

"Good. I need your help explaining cartoons to the kids." Alex said and turned his attention back to the TV as the show started again.

"Count on it." Xander said and snapped one more picture before going back into the kitchen.

"Andy?" A voice called in the distance.

"Alan's awake." Andrew said with a smile and walked quickly to the bedroom.

* * * * *

"Good morning Angel. I picked up Chris' concern at your not being able to accompany him to the boathouse and remembered that there is a sub-terrainian way that you can get there." Charles said happily.

"Tunnels... here?" Angel asked in confusion.

"Yes, for the purposes of escape in an emergency. Unfortunately, we have had need of them in the recent past. With your permission, I will telepathically give Chris the layout of the tunnels so you may visit any building on the property at your convenience. It is much easier than drawing a map." The Professor said seriously.

"What do you say Chris? Is it okay if the Professor puts a map in your mind?" Angel asked carefully.

Chris nodded and looked at the Professor expectantly.

After a moment of concentration Chris smiled and said, "That was easy. I know how to get there now."

"Thanks Professor. For this and everything else." Angel said humbly.

"Your welcome. It is my purpose to help those in need by giving them the tools to help themselves. This is simply another tool." The Professor said dismissively.

Angel nodded and pushed Chris' wheelchair out of the room.

To Be Continued...