Hurt & Comfort

Book 7: From Hurt to Comfort

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Chapter 6: For Closure

Remy and Xander went to their bedroom and closed the door.

Both stood inside the door and looked at each other with expressions of expectation and nervousness.

Remy was the first to break the stalemate by walking to Xander and pulling him into a deep kiss.

Time lost all meaning. The sensation of the kiss, combined with the effect of the spell, captivated both men in the myriad of sensations both physical and emotional.

When Remy finally pulled out of the kiss, Xander felt a twinge of disappointment at letting go of the intoxicating sensation... and a spark of relief, since his need for oxygen was asserting itself.

"I love you." Remy said with complete devotion.

Xander looked at Remy in astonishment. Finally he was able to say, "You referred to yourself in the first person."

"Remy don have to talk dis way. When we be alone, an no others can hear, I will try to be me, de me dat I can't be around de others... if I remember how." Remy finished in a whisper.

"But, I don't understand why." Xander said carefully.

"If Remy talk like de Cajun, den it be obvious dat Remy don speak English too good. An dat be fine..." Remy said in his familiar Cajun accent, then switched to a quieter, less sure tone of voice. "But if I try to talk right, and say something wrong... people might feel sorry for me, or laugh at me. De Cajun is my other self, de me dat de world can look at and judge. If de Cajun messes up, it don't hurt cause de Cajun is an act. It is just part of de show. But dis is me, no mask, no lie. Are you disappointed?"

"No." Xander said immediately and emphatically. "I'm honored that you'll let me see inside... And I'll try to do the same for you."

"What do you mean?" Remy asked quietly.

"Sometimes, not so much now, but a lot before, I acted like a big goof so I could get people to laugh at me." Xander said with a pained memory.

"Why would you do dat?" Remy asked gently.

"Same reason as you... You have the Cajun, I have the Zeppo. He's my idiot self who'll do anything for a laugh. He fails tests, loses fights, screws up relationships... pretty much anytime I get into something too deep, he comes out and jokes me out of it... He never feels any deep emotions, insults slide off his non-stick surface, he bungles in and takes the hit, even though any person with good sense could see what would happen. He's just the doofus who doesn't know any better and can't learn. But when I get home and I'm alone... then I feel everything." Xander finished with a distant look in his eye.

"You're not like dat now. Why is dat?" Remy asked seriously.

"Since I've been here, in this world, I've been accepted as Xander... I think the Zeppo picked that name... I mean Alexander has so many possibilities, Alex, Lex, and I pick Xander." Xander said with a shake of his head before pulling himself back to the point. "Scott, Alan and Andrew talk to me like an equal. They *like* me. Me. Not Zeppo me but the real me. So I decided to stay. It's the first time in over seven years I've been the real me, and I think I like who he is."

"I know I do." Remy said with a smile.

"Really? Ya know, I think your real accent is kinda cute. The Cajun thing worked for me, but this is much better." Xander said with a smile that thinly concealed a leer.

"Well I like de real you, de goofy you and de Cajun can stay away... at least when we're alone. I'm not ready to let de others in dat far yet." Remy said with a note of shame.

"And I won't ask you to. I like having you all to myself." Xander said, letting the leer show clearly on his face.

"So what do you want to do now?" Remy asked innocently.

Xander got a considering look, then went to the closet. A moment later he returned with a box labeled 'Babylon 5 commemorative plates'.

"You got to be kidding." Remy said with wide green eyes.

Xander laughed as he opened the box and took out two plates to reveal a slightly smaller box inside.

"You been hiding tings from a tief?" Remy asked in an impressed voice.

"Just my toy box. The Babylon 5 label was enough to keep anyone from snooping into it." Xander said and opened the inner box.

"What have you got?" Remy asked, trying to peek inside.

"If you'll clear off the top of the dresser, I'll lay everything out for us... so we'll be able to see all the choices." Xander said as he dug through the box.

Remy quickly cleared the dresser and waited.

Xander pulled out a pair of handcuffs, lined with velvet... Then a strap-on dildo... several bottles of lubricants, assorted scents and/or flavors. Then something that was either a large vibrator or a small jack hammer.

Remy's eyes went wider and wider as the assortment got more surreal. Finally he had to ask, "Hold on. What is dat one?"

"Which one?" Xander asked as he followed Remy's pointing finger.

"De glove wit de little knobby tings." Remy said with a hint of worry.

"If you're good, I'll show you." Xander said as he continued to pull things out of the box.

"What are you planning to do wit dat?" Remy asked as Xander pulled out a leather dog collar.

"Nothing if you don't want to. These are choices, if you want to try them, they're here. If not, they'll go back in the box when we're done." Xander said as he pulled a blindfold and ball gag out of the box.

"Is dis de kind of tings you want?" Remy asked with worry.

Xander picked up on Remy's hesitance and said quickly, "I just want you Remy. We've never really talked about what we like. I just thought this would let you know that whatever you want to do is okay."

"I never used most of dis stuff before... I don't know how." Remy said in a timid voice.

"It's okay. I'm sorry, I was just trying to make you comfortable." Xander said and sat the empty box aside.

"Why do you have all dis stuff?" Remy asked as he continued to look at the collection, trying to figure out how some of the items could be used in a sexual way.

"It started when I worked as a stripper one summer at a ladies nightclub in Oxnard. Some of the other dancers... showed me some things. That's when I started collecting. Later, Anya added to the collection. That's about the whole story." Xander said as he walked to Remy and put his arms slowly around his waist.

"I've been wit men, but we didn't use nothing like dis. Jus a little lube and we were down to business." Remy said nervously.

"If that's what makes you comfortable, we'll do that. Remy, I love you, and all I want is for you to love me. If something from my collection will help you express your love, then use it." Xander said and moved in for a gentle kiss.

"Why do you have a knife?" Remy had to ask, unable to take his gaze from the ornate dagger.

"Oh, that's for vampire foreplay. I'd rather you didn't use that, I have enough scars." Xander said gently as he nuzzled Remy's ear.

"You been wit a vampire?" Remy asked as he pulled back to look Xander in the eye.

Xander got a shy look and said, "Spike and I messed around a little when we were both between romantic disasters. I got the knife for him, but he left it when he fell for Buffy."

Remy thought about that then felt a tingle of excitement run up his inner thighs.

"Would you tink I'm a pervert if I asked you to tell me about it?" Remy asked shyly.

Xander could see the spark of erotic interest in Remy's eyes and said quietly, "No my love. But I'll expect you to tell me dirty stories too. Maybe later we can even act some of them out."

Remy nodded shyly, unable to look Xander in the eye.

"Is it okay if I undress you while I tell you the story?" Xander asked seductively.

Remy nodded and finally looked at Xander to see an expression of unbridled lust.

Xander began to unbutton Remy's shirt as he said, "Once upon a time there was a naughty vampire named Spike..."

* * * * *

"Ronny, tell me what happened." Bobby said as a cold clammy feeling washed over his body.

"He... He wanted to... But I couldn't... Not again... I said no... And he hit me... And... And... Made me... It hurts... It still hurts... And then... then, I started to fight and scream... and then he fell down... and now he isn't moving..." Ronny said and started to cry.

"I'll be there as soon as I can Ronny. Just stay there... when is mom coming home?" Bobby asked as his mind raced.

"She... she'll be late tonight, she works till eleven on Fridays." Ronny said breathlessly.

"Just hold it together bro, help is on the way." Bobby said and hung up the phone.

"Shit." Bobby whispered as he realized that everyone in the common room was watching him.

"Um, I, uh, think I'm going to need some help guys." Bobby said sheepishly.

"What's up?" Andrew asked with concern.

"It's my brother, he's in trouble and needs help." Bobby said quietly.

"The brother that called the cops on us and got me shot in the head?" Logan asked as he walked into the room.

"Yeah, that one." Bobby said in a whisper.

Marie looked at Bobby carefully and got a vague sense of what was going on.

"Logan, I need to talk to you for a minute." She said in a commanding tone.

"You ain't gonna talk me into helping that little mutant hating piece of trash." Logan said, but followed.

* * * * *

Andrew looked around at the people in the room in confusion as Bobby, Marie and Logan left the room.

"When Bobby, John, Marie and Logan went to Bobby's house for help, his brother called the police and said that his family was being held captive by mutant terrorists. Logan was shot in the head and John lost control of his power. There's a lot of hard feelings there." Scott said to the group.

"Father, I do not understand. Couldn't they explain that there was a mistake to the police?" Icheb asked innocently.

"I'm afraid not. The way the laws are now, if a mutant is declared a terrorist, he loses all rights. Somehow they made it so the terrorism laws operate outside the system of due process. The mutant terrorist is considered a criminal automatically. There is no trial, no appeal, the only hope is escape, and they're pretty good about preventing that." Alan said darkly.

"What happens to them?" Trey asked quietly.

"The mutants are imprisoned and the authorities do their best to negate their mutant abilities. I would probably be blindfolded with my eyes taped shut. Right now there are several human rights organizations who are trying to get the courts involved in the process, but they're not having much luck." Alan said sadly.

"How can such injustice be allowed to continue?" Icheb asked the group.

"We are fighting it in our own way, by providing examples of what good things mutants can achieve for the benefit of all humanity, not just mutant-kind." Scott said sincerely.

"But sometimes it doesn't seem like enough." Alan said darkly.

* * * * *

"There's more to this than you know, and a lot more than I can tell. You need to trust me on this, we've both got to go, not for him... for us. Ronny isn't a problem, he's a symptom. I'm going and I could really use your support, but I'll do it alone if I have to." Marie said with force.

"As long as we ain't goin so we can help that little puke, I got no problem with it." Logan said plainly.

"Good, let's go." Marie said and walked out of the room.

[Kid's finally growin up. Good.] Logan thought with a smile.

* * * * *

"Professor, Ronny needs my help... please." Bobby pleaded.

"Your brother called the authorities and said you, Marie, John and Logan were mutant terrorists with the intent of having you arrested. Do as you like, but I am not inclined to aid a known mutant hater who has actively put members of my household at risk." The Professor said calmly.

"Professor... I can't say the words, but look into my mind and you'll understand why he did what he did." Bobby said reluctantly.

The Professor opened himself to Bobby's mind and looked into the dark place that Bobby had always kept guarded. He moved into this most private place in Bobby's mind and looked on with horror as Bobby forced Ronny down onto the floor beside his bed. He felt cold shame wash over him as he witnessed the violation of that little eleven-year old by a fourteen year old Bobby. The Professor pulled out of Bobby's mind and saw the shame and regret etched on his face as tears silently fell.

"So he wasn't trying to get all of you arrested, just you." The Professor said quietly.

"Yes. And he had every right to want me to suffer. But now he needs me, and maybe I can make up for it, just a little bit. I have to try. Please help me." Bobby pleaded again.

"Very well. Against my better judgment I'm going to send a team to your house and assess the situation. I'll make no promises beyond that." The Professor said sternly.

"Thank you Professor, that's all I'm asking." Bobby said with a small but honest smile of gratitude.

* * * * *

"Spike was a big bad vampire and got captured by a group of soldiers." Xander said and undid another button, taking time to feel Remy's firm chest through the fabric of the shirt.

"The soldiers put a microchip into Spike's brain that would send blinding pain through his head if he tried to hurt a human." Xander said quietly and undid another button, then moved in to place a gentle kiss on the exposed chest.

"Everything that defined him was taken away. He was a creature that was meant to be a predator, but had lost his ability to hunt." Xander said and pulled the shirt tails out of Remy's slacks.

"He escaped from the soldiers and ended up living with me." Xander said as he undid the last two buttons.

"He was feeling sorry for himself one night and I decided to try and make him feel better." Xander whispered as he slid Remy's shirt off his shoulders.

"He didn't want to at first, he called me all kinds of names, but he said them in British so I didn't understand most of them." Xander said and took a moment to examine Remy's exposed chest with his fingertips, stopping to gently caress the tiny brown nipples.

"When he realized that I wasn't wanting anything from him, I just wanted to have some fun, he finally agreed." Xander said and guided Remy to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I've been researching demons for years, I picked up a few things in my travels, things that vampires like." Xander said as he removed one of Remy's shoes.

"So once I got him naked, I showed him the knife." Xander said and pulled off the other shoe.

"He thought I wanted to cut him... And it got him hot." Xander said as he gently rolled a sock from Remy's foot.

"But first, I asked him what he would do to me if he had the knife and didn't want to kill me." Xander said and removed the other sock.

"He didn't understand, so I took the knife and cut myself... here." Xander said and stood to point to a spot on his wrist.

Remy was captivated by the story and stood when Xander gently pulled his hand.

"He licked the blood from the cut, then I asked him again, 'What would you do if you had this knife and didn't want to kill me'." Xander said and knelt before Remy, gently caressing the buckle of Remy's belt.

"He said that he would cut me and heal me until neither of us could tell pleasure from pain anymore." Xander said with a smile as he undid the belt buckle and slowly pulled the belt from the loops.

"I placed the knife to my chest and drew the tip down slowly, barely breaking the skin." Xander said and unfastened Remy's pants.

"I thought Spike was going to have a seisure from the anticipation on his face." Xander said with a smile as he slowly and reverently slid down the zipper.

"When I had cut myself down my chest, down my stomach, stopping just before the groin, I put the knife aside and went to Spike so he could lick the blood from the wound and heal it." Xander said as he slid the slacks down Remy's narrow hips.

With a little gentle coaxing, Xander got Remy to step out of the pants that were puddled on the floor.

"After that, he got bolder. He would tell me what to cut, and I would cut it. Then he would lick it to heal it." Xander said and hooked his fingers into the waist band of Remy's boxers, which were barely containing his straining cock.

"There were a few times that he slipped into his vampire form and gently scraped his fangs along my stomach or inner thighs." Xander said as he gently pulled the boxers down to free the painfully erect cock before him.

"The smell of my blood was thick in the room. That made him nearly lose control." Xander said and urged Remy to step out of the boxers.

Xander took a long look at the beautiful sight before him. The stiff cock pointing slightly upward, jutting out from a nest of auburn curls. "Then I took his cock in my mouth." Xander said and gently caressed Remy's cock with just his fingertips.

Remy let out a shudder of desire at the touch and reached down to pull Xander to standing.

Xander followed Remy's silent instructions and stood. He was pulled into a forceful kiss.

Remy explored all of Xander's mouth with his tongue and all of Xander's back with his hands.

Finally Remy released the kiss and said, "You're wearing too many clothes."

Xander smiled and gently pushed Remy to sit on the bed again.

"Let me take care of that now." Xander said and turned on the CD player by the bed.

Music started playing, something Remy wasn't familiar with. It was low, soft but had a strong beat, almost tribal.

Xander began to move to the music and started slowly undoing his first shirt button.

"You gonna strip for me?" Remy asked as he recognized the slow seductive movements.

"Yeah, just sit back and enjoy the show. This is all for you." Xander said and moved to the next button.

* * * * *

//Cyclops, assemble a team and travel to Bobby's family's home to assess the situation. Take whatever actions you deem appropriate.// The Professor sent abruptly.

"Okay, X-men mobilize. Storm, Tempest, Sprite, Portal, and Havock you're on the team. Portal, get with Bobby and find out where we're going. Gemini, you're our backup. If I call for help, you mobilize Colossus, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler. And have Hank on standby, we may need his services." Cyclops said with authority.

"Logan and I are going too." Marie said firmly.

"I thought after last time you wouldn't want to help him." Cyclops said honestly.

"We have our own reasons. Are we on the team?" Marie pressed.

"Yeah, suit up." Cyclops said and left for the hanger bay.

* * * * *

As Scott was walking from the hanger bay in his X-men uniform Angel walked out into the hall.

"What's going on?" Angel asked with concern.

"We're going on a mission." Scott said without slowing his pace.

"Need my help?" Angel asked.

Scott stopped and thought.

Finally he said, "Get Dr. McCoy to watch out for your son, and you can tell Chris that we're going to check on an injured man, this probably won't be dangerous. Meet us in the dining room in five minutes." Cyclops said and started walking again.

Angel nodded and ran back to the MedLab.

* * * * *

"Dr. McCoy? Could you look after Chris for me, I'm going on a mission with the team." Angel asked quickly.

"Of course. I just looked in on him, he is sleeping. If he wakes, I'll let him know that you'll be back soon." Hank said quietly.

"Thank you." Angel said and left the room quickly.

* * * * *

"Portal, you got the coordinates?" Cyclops asked as the last of the team members walked into the dining room.

"Yeah. We're going to enter into the living room." Portal said professionally.

"Storm, when we step through take Tempest and Sprite and secure the perimeter. Portal and Havock, guard our exit until we're secure and wait for instructions... Angel, here's a communicator, just press it while you talk and you'll be tuned in to our team." Cyclops said and handed him the metallic X symbol in a circle.

Bobby watched as the team prepared as seriously as they ever had.

Andrew formed the portal and the team stepped into the unknown.

* * * * *

Remy was breathing shallowly through Xander's strip show. Each bit of flesh was exposed torturously slowly, inch by glorious inch.

Finally when Xander removed his pants suddenly in a bold move, he revealed that he was wearing a thong with a tiny bow tie on the front.

"For the wedding." Xander said with a smile at Remy's look of surprise.

Xander danced, wearing only the thong for what seemed to be hours to Remy. Occasionally he would hook his fingers into the waist band and act like he was finally going to reveal what was hiding inside the pouch, then he would allow the elastic band to snap back and continue dancing.

Remy's impatience was about to boil over when Xander turned away and in one swift move pulled the thong down and discretely stepped out of it.

Remy got a look of puzzlement and asked, "What's dat?" As he pointed.

Xander looked over his shoulder without turning and followed Remy's pointing finger.

"It's my ass." Xander said with a smile.

Remy rolled his eyes and said, "I knew dat. But dere be someting in your ass."

Xander reached back and carefully pulled out a rippled butt plug.

"You mean this?" Xander asked and displayed the device.

"What dat for?" Remy asked as he looked at the thing that slightly resembled a flesh colored Christmas tree.

"It's to stretch me open, I've been wearing it since just after we got home. This way we don't have to worry about stretching and all that. When we're ready, we can just go for it." Xander said hopefully.

"I'm ready." Remy said immediately and looked down to his straining cock, leaking precum.

Xander smiled and said, "I guess you are... And I am too." He turned to reveal his own achingly hard erection, also leaking precum.

Remy looked at the stiff cock before him with astonishment which turned to obvious desire.

Xander moved to rest beside Remy, then whispered, "I did the pregame, the main event is yours..."

Remy thought about the words and realized what Xander meant. Remy looked carefully at Xander from top to bottom and back, then said, "I like all de foreplay and tings, but I really want to make love to you right now."

"Do it. Go for the goal. I'm ready." Xander said with love.

Remy hopped off the bed and went to the dresser to grab a bottle of lube at random. As he was returning to the bed he said, "Can you do something for me Xander?"

"Anything, my husband." Xander said with his eyes closed in bliss.

"Stop using de sports metaphors. Dey don help." Remy said as he applied the lube to his cock.

"You got it. How are you with Star Wars metaphors?" Xander asked as Remy urged him onto his back and spread his legs.

"Dat be fine. I don tink about Star Wars when I'm trying to make it last." Remy said as he applied the lube to Xander's dilated opening.

Xander relaxed under the sensation of being lubed, then caught the ginger scent of the lubrication.

"Remy, you didn't read the bottle... did you?" Xander asked with a small voice.

"No, I thought it was all lube." Remy said and looked carefully at the bottle.

"Most of it is... Remy, this is going to be interesting." Xander said hesitantly.

"Dis say it make you burn and itch. Why you have something like dat?" Remy asked in confusion as he felt the first tingles on his erect cock.

"You're about to find out." Xander said apprehensively.

To Be Continued...