Hurt & Comfort

Book 4: The Well of Hurt

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Chapter 21: Alice Needs a Shave

"Thank you all for your help. I'm really glad we will be able to spend our first night as a family together." Andrew said honestly.

"No problem. I learned a lot by putting those alcoves together. I think I'm beginning to get a handle on Borg technology." B'Elana said as she packed the last of her tools.

"B'Elana, I know you did the modifications on the cabin and wondered if you can think of any way we can squeeze in one more room for the babies when they're born?" Alan asked and stroked his stomach.

B'Elana saw the movement and a tender look fell over her face. "Yeah, if you don't mind losing a meter of your bedroom we can extend that wall over to the entry door to make a bedroom right here." B'Elana said expertly.

"That would be great. And that way the nursery would be right by our room so we wouldn't have to run across the cabin when the babies needed us." Andrew said with excitement.

"Just call me in about eight months and I'll have the room done inside a day." B'Elana said with a smile.

"Thank's B'Elana. I'm glad you're one of the kids god-parents. You really need to come over and spend time with them, you don't visit often enough." Alan said honestly.

"Don't worry, I have the feeling that Seven and I will be over here all the time." B'Elana said with a smile.

"You have a standing invitation Aunt B'Elana." Andrew said as he noticed that the children were listening.

"Thanks guys. When we have our own, you're going to be their Uncle Alan and Uncle Andrew." B'Elana said happily.

"Good for you. I think you and Seven will be excellent parents... and we can take turns baby-sitting for each other." Alan said with a smile.

"You got a deal." B'Elana said and picked up her toolbox.

"May I carry that to Engineering for you Aunt B'Elana?" Icheb asked helpfully.

"Yes. Thank you Icheb." B'Elana said and cast a look of surprise at Alan and Andrew.

"Just one of the perks of being a part of the Summers family." Andrew said and held close to Alan.

* * * * *

"Icheb, before we have our talk, I wanted to ask you if we could invite Trey in too, so I could tell him the same things I'm going to tell you." Alan said carefully.

Icheb got a look of horror at the thought.

"Icheb, Trey is a young man, nearly as old as you are and needs to know these things too. It will help him to know that he isn't the only one who has these feelings and it will give you someone close to your own age you can talk to about it if you need to. Just remember how scared you were to talk to me about it, do you want your brother to have to go through that?" Alan asked with sencerity.

"Okay Dad, if you think it is best." Icheb said, obviously not happy with this development.

"I honestly think that it will be a horribly embarrassing talk for all of us, but when we're through it, we'll all be better off for having discussed it." Alan said while looking into Icheb's eyes.

Icheb nodded and Alan left the room.

* * * * *

"Trey, please sit down. I have something to discuss with you and Icheb." Alan said nervously.

Trey took a seat on the edge of the bed and waited patiently.

"At your age, hormones begin making you have sexual thoughts and erections. It's important for you to know that it is perfectly normal and just another stage of your development." Alan said carefully.

Alan noticed the blush come over Trey's face, then saw that it matched Icheb's blush.

"So I'm going to tell you basically what to expect. The feelings can be very strong, and if you don't ejaculate occasionally, it can cause embarrassing situations." Alan said and looked to find embarrassed comprehension in both boys eyes.

"First, this is one of those things that are covered under the topics of modesty and tact. You do not masturbate in front of others or discuss it with others because it is a sexual function. I am discussing it with you because I am your father and you need to know. One day you may need to have this discussion with your own sons to let them know that these feelings are normal and how to deal with them." Alan finished with a ramble, then took a deep breath to get back to the point.

"Do you have any questions so far?" Alan thought to ask.

"How do you do it?" Trey asked in a steady voice.

"It would be inappropriate for me to actually show you so I will describe it and you let me know if you understand. Okay?" Alan asked before he continued.

Both boys nodded quickly, apparently desperate to know.

"The most common way I know is the whole handed stroking motion like this." he said and made the motion for both boys to see.

"It has the benefit of providing more stimulation to the penis than most other methods that I'm familiar with. You can use your hand the other way for a different sensation, but I've always found that to be awkward." Alan said, demonstrating the reversed method.

"Although you can do it dry, for the most pleasurable experience, I apply some lubrication to the palm of my hand... just three or four drops is usually enough. More than that just makes a mess and doesn't really improve the sensation." Alan said seriously.

Both boys had apparently forgotten their embarrassment and were riveted on his every word.

"Just use whatever speed or intensity you feel comfortable with, you should instinctively know when to increase speed and force. You may find your mind flooded with imagery and not all of it being of a sexual nature. That is normal at your age, just focus on whatever brings you pleasure and bring yourself to completion. Don't worry if you don't understand all the images that appear in your mind while you masturbate, I think it's just you're subconscious trying different things to stimulate you. As you get older, the images become consistantly more sexual and less abstract." Alan said in thought.

"What is completion?" Trey asked quietly.

"It depends Trey. Usually it is an orgasm, accompanied by ejaculation of semen. Occasionally it is an orgasm without ejaculation. Usually after completion, the sexual images fade from your thoughts and you feel a sense of relief, maybe even sleepy... I think it has something to do with endorphins, I'm not sure about that. Anyway, all you need to do is clean up and you're done." Alan finished with a small smile.

"How often does one have the need for masturbation?" Icheb asked curiously.

"That is a very individual thing. I believe the range of normal is somewhere between once a week and three times a day, but I'm not sure about that either. Basically, if it isn't interfering with the other parts of your life, it's not a problem. If you start avoiding being with other people, neglecting your duties or your health, then you have a problem and should probably seek help. Otherwise, it's just good clean fun." Alan said calmly.

"I wish to understand about sexuality. Do you have intercourse with Andrew?" Icheb asked with genuine curiosity.

"I will not discuss specifics of our sexual activity, because that would be inappropriate but I will tell you that we engage in intercourse, oral-genital stimulation and mutual masturbation." Alan said with a blush creeping up his face again.

Icheb nodded and Trey asked, "I do not understand intercourse between males."

"Intercourse between men is performed by inserting the penis into the anus." Alan said, trying to keep his voice even.

"Would that not be painful?" Icheb asked.

"It would be without preparation. It is necessary to lubricate the sphincter and slowly stretch it open so it can accomodate the penis." Alan said, wishing this conversation would end.

"I understand how that could provide pleasure for one but not both." Icheb said honestly.

"Men have an organ called the prostate that can be stimulated by rubbing. When the penis is inserted at the proper angle it will rub the prostate and cause a pleasant sensation that can stimulate the receiver to orgasm." Alan said, feeling the blush subsiding.

"What of sexuality with a female?" Trey asked with wide eyed curiosity.

"What aspect of the sexuality were you wanting to know about? I mean, do you understand the mechanics of sexual intercourse between a man and woman?" Alan asked in a clinical tone.

"Yes, I understand that. What I wish to understand is... more general. The activities from the time you disrobe until completion." Trey said, forgetting his embarrassment.

"That depends on your partner, and what I'm about to tell you applies to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. You need to communicate your preferences. Try different things and discover what you both enjoy. Sex with one partner may be very different from sex with another because different people have different expectations, preferences and desires. It is common for someone your age to believe that intercourse is the goal of sexuality, and it is actually just one part." Alan said carefully.

"But intercourse is the activity that results in procreation?" Icheb asked in confirmation.

"It can. A woman has monthly cycles of fertility. If the sexual activity occurs while the woman is fertile, then pregnancy may result. There are ways to prevent the possibility of pregnancy if that is not a desirable outcome." Alan said seriously.

"Why would you not want to become pregnant?" Trey asked, never having considered the possibility.

"In the world Andrew and I are from, there are no replicators. People have to work to provide the necessities of life for their families. Sometimes it is not practical to have a child because the child's needs could not be provided." Alan said carefully.

"And sexuality outside a committed relationship could produce children that would have only one parent, since the other was not commited." Icheb said in realization.

"That is correct Icheb. However, that is a matter of sexual responsibility. If someone is old enough to be in a sexual relationship, then they should be old enough to commit to their partner and the resulting child if there is one. To have intercourse outside the confines of a committed relationship is not only wrong because it introduces the possibility of a child who is unwanted, but also because both partners are indulging in sexual activity without any emotional component." Alan said haltingly.

"Why is that wrong?" Trey asked.

"Because having sex with a partner that you are not committed to leads you to be alone. You get a temporary sensation of release from the sexual activity, but no comfort, love, caring, tenderness, or sharing of intimacy. Sexual activity is supposed to be another level of the sharing between committed partners. All I can really tell you is if you ever do it, you'll know what I mean, you'll just feel that it is wrong, empty, hollow... without meaning." Alan finished quietly.

"I believe I understand. So this is why Icheb wanted to have his own room? So he could masturbate?" Trey asked Alan then turned to Icheb who was blushing wildly.

"Yes Trey, and I invited you to join the conversation because if you aren't already masturbating, you most likely will be soon. It is what boys your age do." Alan said without inflection.

"Would it not have been better to discuss this with us separately?" Icheb asked, still blushing.

"It might have been more comfortable, but this way you both benefit from each other's questions. Guys, I'm just telling you the things I think you need to know. If you have any other questions you can ask me or Andrew and we'll do our best to answer them for you." Alan said, allowing his concern for both to show.

"I have a question." Trey said hesitantly.

"Go ahead and ask Trey. I'm here to answer your questions." Alan said with assurance.

"I am beginning to grow hair... here." he said and pointed to his crotch.

"That's perfectly natural. It is the beginning of adulthood. You'll probably begin growing hair under your arms too. Later you will probably begin to grow hair on your face." Alan said as a statement of fact.

"On my face?" Trey asked in horror.

"Yes... Trey, do you have to work in the morning?" Alan asked in a considering tone.

"No, Lieutenant Torres gave me tomorrow and the next day off duty." Trey said cautiously.

"Then I will come and get you in the morning before I shave. I remove the hair from my face daily as most men do." Alan said calmly.

"May I come too?" Icheb asked.

"Of course. I'll get you both and let you see how I do it. And it probably won't be too long before you have to start shaving Icheb. You're just about at that age." Alan said frankly.

"Thank you Dad." Icheb said with a smile.

"So I'm Dad and Andrew is Father?" Alan asked.

"Yes. We discussed the appropriate titles to give you this morning and that is what we decided. Do you mind?" Icheb asked.

"No. I don't mind. Of all the names I've had, I think Dad is the best of them all." Alan said honestly.

A moment of silence filled the room.

"Do either of you have any more questions?" Alan asked, past ready to be done.

"What lubrication should I use?" Icheb asked timidly.

"In the replicator it is listed as personal lubricant #4. Remember to only use a few drops, it really spreads." Alan said in caution.

"What is the best way to clean up the semen?" Trey asked shyly.

"I find that a damp cloth is the preferred method. When I use a dry one, I feel that I didn't get clean." Alan said with a shrug.

Another moment of silence fell over the room.

"Anything else?" Alan asked.

Both boys shook their heads.

"Then the only other thing I have to say is to ask you both not to tell the other children about any of what we've discussed. This is a subject that shouldn't be discussed until a child reaches a certain age. Can you do that for me?" Alan asked looking from one to the other.

Both boys nodded in agreement.

"Good. Come here guys. I'm proud of you both, being able to discuss such a difficult thing so maturely." Alan said as he pulled the two boys into a hug.

"I love you guys." Alan said quietly as he held on.

"We love you too Dad." Trey said and enjoyed the hug.

To Be Continued...