Hurt & Comfort

Book 4: The Well of Hurt

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Chapter 19: To Have It All

Andrew and Winger walked away from the cabin in silence. When they reached the end of the hall, Andrew turned and walked into an observation lounge.

Winger followed and came to stand beside Andrew looking out at the planets of the Barga system, each a different colored sphere in space.

"Winger, Three believes that you are a good man who needed a chance to do the right thing. I'm older, more cynical. So let me spell it out for you. I will trust that Three sees something in you that I don't and welcome you into my home and my family. But if you *ever* cause any of those children a moment of pain... you will regret it for eternity." Andrew said quietly with the tone of a solemn vow.

"I promise. I'll never do anything to hurt the kids." Winger said seriously.

"Good. One other thing. I noticed that you like to drink. And that's fine, but if you've had even one drink, you are not to come near the children. Understood?" Andrew asked and turned his gaze to Winger.

"Yeah. I got it. The kids will never see 'Uncle Dave' drunk again." Winger said with shame.

"Fine, then let's get back to the family. I've got a lot to do today." Andrew said and walked toward the door.

"Thanks." Winger said shyly.

"Don't thank me, thank Three. If it wasn't for him, you'd be wandering the halls of Voyager as a ghost until the Captain made me bring you back." Andrew said over his shoulder and left the room.

* * * * *

"Where's Uncle Dave?" Janine asked as Andrew walked back into the room.

"He'll probably be back in a minute. Alan, did you ask Icheb?" Andrew asked quickly, hoping to forestall anymore questions from Janine.

"I asked, but we were interrupted. Then I remembered about the news job." Alan said with a smile.

"So Icheb, what do you think?" Andrew asked and sat on the loveseat beside Alan.

"I believe I would like to be your son." Icheb said with a smile.

"Good. Three, have you had enough time to think about it yet?" Andrew asked as he put his arm around Alan.

"I require more time. Is it necessary to have an answer soon?" Three asked carefully.

"No Three, there is no rush. Take the time you need to be sure of what you want to do." Andrew said with assurance.

"And whatever you decide won't change the fact that we love you and are proud of you." Alan said with certainty.

"Thank you. I must return to my cabin. Thank you for inviting me." Three said as he turned to leave.

"Three. You have a standing invitation. Whenever you want to come over, you are welcomed here." Andrew said seriously.

"I will remember." Three said and left the room.

* * * * *

Winger walked back to the cabin at a slow pace, thinking about the events of the day. He understood most of it, but knew on a deep level that what had happened had changed him. Made him something better, something more than he was the day before.

As he approached Andrew and Alan's cabin he saw the door open and Three step out.

"Three, can I talk to you for a minute?" Winger asked quickly.

"Proceed." Three said and stopped walking.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did. I didn't give you any reason to do something nice for me and I won't ever forget it." Winger said honestly.

"I only did for you what Andrew and Alan did for me." Three said honestly.

"What was that?" Winger asked.

"I opened your eyes to what is right in front of you. When I saw you in the hallway this morning, I realized that you were a starving man sitting before a banquet table, crying out for someone to feed him. I merely moved your chair closer so you could feed yourself." Three said and walked away.

[I don't know what the hell he just said, but he's probably right.] Winger thought to himself as he walked up to Andrew and Alan's cabin door. He was surprised to find that it opened as he approached.

* * * * *

"Your door opened for me." Winger said, thinking they should get that thing fixed.

"Yeah, when the privacy lock isn't on, it will open automatically for you, Chakotay, Tom or any of the children. We're tired of answering the thing. You're family, so you're going to be treated like it." Alan said with a smile.

"So what's going on?" Winger asked and pulled up a chair from the dining area.

"We were just about to ask William and Robert if they wanted to be our sons." Andrew said.

Both boys turned away from the computer and looked timidly at Andrew.

"What do you say guys? Would you like for Alan and I to be your parents?" Andrew asked happily.

"Does that mean we would live with you... all the time?" Robert asked quietly.

"Yes." Alan said with a smile.

"And would we get new names again?" William asked, just as quietly.

"You would be named William Summers and Robert Summers." Andrew said with joy.

The twins looked at each other and nodded in unison.

"Great. Jimmy..." Alan began.

"Yes." Jimmy said immediately.

"Okay. I guess that leaves Janine. Would you like to be our daughter?" Andrew asked while looking into her eyes.

"Will I get a room of my own like Naomi?" Janine asked.

"I don't know. We'll work that out with Chakotay when we know who wants to be our kids." Andrew said honestly.

Janine thought about it for a moment then said, "Yes. I want you to be my daddies."

"Good, because we both want to be your daddies." Alan said happily.

"We have five 'Yes' and one 'Maybe'. I think that's enough to get us started on whatever we have to do." Andrew said to everyone.

"Uncle Dave. Do you know any stories?" Janine asked and turned to look at him.

"I know lots of stories. If we can get Jimmy to scoot over, we'll sit on the couch and I'll tell you one." Winger said with peace radiating from his eyes.

* * * * *

Three days had passed since Chakotay had said he would check into Starfleet adoption procedures. Chakotay had left a brief message saying he was still checking into things and that was all they had heard.

Uncle Dave and the kids, except for Three, had been at the cabin each day just after noon.

Andrew was laying in the bed with his head on Alan's chest when the comm sounded, "Crewman LeeAndrew Summers, Crewman Alan Summers. Please come to my office at your earliest convenience."

"Yes Captain." Both said immediately and jumped out of bed.

* * * * *

Andrew and Alan both walked into the Captain's office, dressed in their Starfleet uniforms.

"I didn't mean for you to dress for duty gentlemen. I just wanted to talk to you about your request to adopt the children." the Captain said and got up from behind her desk.

She walked to the replicator and said, "Coffee, Janeway blend #4."

"Please, have a seat." She said and motioned to the low couches across from the desk.

"Thank you Captain." Alan said and took a seat, followed by Andrew.

"Gentlemen. Chakotay has been working for the past few days to find a way for you to adopt all the children without a lot of fuss and bother. But I'm afraid there is no such thing when it comes to adoption. So I'm going to handle this matter personally. In the absence of a JAG officer, I will serve as the judge in this matter. Before we begin, I need to know that you will abide by my decision, whatever it is." Janeway said seriously then took a drink of coffee.

"Of course Captain." Alan said, astonished that she would think they would do otherwise.

"So if I rule that Seven of Nine should retain custody and you are to limit your visits with the children to no more than one hour per day, what would you do?" Janeway asked, looking from one man to the other.

"Captain. If that was your ruling, then I would abide by it because I would know that you had a good reason for it. I've been on this ship long enough to know that you are fair." Alan said with assurance.

"But this isn't a matter of what's fair. This is a matter of what's in the children's best interest." the Captain said with a note of firmness.

"I understand Captain. And thank you for doing it this way. Alan and I may be too close to the situation to be objective on that point." Andrew admitted reluctantly.

"Thank you gentlemen. That is all I needed to know for now. I will be scheduling interviews with those involved and announce my decision when the interviews are complete." the Captain said and stood.

"Thank you Captain. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help." Andrew said as they walked toward the door.

* * * * *

"Icheb. I just wanted to know why you want to become Andrew and Alan's son." Captain Janeway asked in a diplomatic tone.

"Andrew and Alan have been like fathers to me since the day I arrived on Voyager. They have taught me many important things, and answered all my questions, some of which I now understand were embarrassing to talk about. They ask my opinion of things and trust my decisions. They offer suggestions and allow me to make my own choices. Most important, they have a vision for me that I do not have for myself." Icheb said with strength.

"Tell me about some of the things they've taught you." Janeway said and settled back into her chair.

"They have told me about relationships, both friendship and more personal relationships. They explained about trust, honor, and commitment. I didn't understand everything they were saying at first, but as time went on, I could see it around me and understood." Icheb said with delight.

"What else?" Janeway asked and leaned forward to make a note.

"They have told me how to interact with others on Voyager. I have been told about modesty, tact and polite conversation." Icheb said proudly.

"And has their advice worked?" Janeway asked with interest.

"Oh yes. At the wedding reception, I was able to speak with many members of the crew. They were all very friendly and polite. I enjoyed that function." Icheb said with a smile.

"Speaking of that, I have been told by various people that Crewman Winger instigated an incident at that function. Could you tell me about that?" Janeway asked, wanting to know Icheb's point of view.

"Yes. Crewman Winger had ingested an unfortunate amount of alcohol that night and engaged Alan in conversation regarding the presence of us, the children, on Voyager. Alan informed Crewman Winger that each of us was special and precious and they loved every one of us. And that their lives were improved because we are here. And now I have to say that I feel the same toward both of them." Icheb said sincerely.

"What will you do if I deny the adoption to Alan and Andrew?" Janeway asked carefully.

"I will continue to see them as often as I am allowed. And when I reach the age of consent, I will move in with them, if not as their child, then as their friend." Icheb said without emotion.

"Thank you Icheb, you are dismissed, please send in Three of Seven." Janeway said and got up to get some coffee.

* * * * *

"Three of Seven. Andrew told Chakotay that you haven't told them if you want to be adopted yet. Have you come to a decision?" Janeway asked and took a sip of coffee.

"Yes Captain. I would like to be adopted by Alan and Andrew." Three said tonelessly.

"Would you explain your decision?" Captain Janeway asked as she watched the young Borg before her.

"Andrew and Alan have accepted me as I choose to be. They voice their opinion about my decisions, but allow me to decide. They answer my questions and teach me what I need to know." Three said efficiently.

"You have chosen to live independently. You realize that you would have to move in with Alan and Andrew if I grant the adoption?" Janeway asked, having difficulty gauging the reactions of this young Borg.

"Captain. May I tell you of my past three days?" Three asked with a slight pleading tone in his voice which surprised Janeway.

"Yes, please do." Janeway said and sat forward in interest.

"Three days ago I was invited to visit Andrew and Alan along with the other children. While I was there I was hugged twice, kissed on the head once, told that I was loved four times, told that they were proud of me five times and was invited to be their son. In the two days since, exactly two people have spoken to me. One was Lieutenant Torres to give me instructions in my duties, the other was Harry Kim refusing to recycle his dinner ware after ingesting nourishment. Captain, the Borg are a collective, they are never alone. A family is a collective, they are never alone. I am alone." Three finished with hollow desperation.

"I understand Three." Janeway said and sat back.

"Captain, if you rule against Alan and Andrew's wish to adopt me, I will still be their son, just not in the eyes of the law. They love me and accept me, they understand me and are proud of me... and I love them." Three finished in nearly a whisper.

"Thank you Three, you are dismissed." Janeway said as she noticed she needed more coffee.

"Lieutenant Torres, Report to my office." Janeway said and went to the replicator.

* * * * *

"B'Elana, I just wanted to ask for a status report on Crewman Three." Janeway asked.

"I gave Commander Chakotay my personnel reports yesterday." B'Elana said in puzzlement.

"Not productivity, how is Three doing?" Janeway asked, looking B'Elana in the eyes.

"Oh, yeah, he's new. Um... he's fine. He's doing a good job. He suggested a gelpack rotation program that I didn't understand at first. But since he started rotating them two days ago efficiency has increased nearly three percent." B'Elana said professionally.

"And how's he getting along with everyone?" Janeway asked.

"He isn't. I put him on a special shift half-way between Gamma and Alpha so he wouldn't have to deal with the others... Captain, he looks like a Borg. Not like Seven of Nine Borg but like a real fresh off the cube Borg. He's just a little boy and I don't want him to have to face what he'll probably get from the engineering crew." B'Elana said honestly.

"So the reason no one but you has spoken to him in two days is that he's been separated from them?" Janeway asked in confirmation.

"Two days? Oh Captain, I never even thought." B'Elana said, stricken.

"You couldn't know. Actually, I think it may have worked out for the best. He wants to be adopted by Alan and Andrew with the rest of the children." Janeway said with a smile.

"Good. I know under all that hardware there is a sweet little boy just trying to figure out who he is. I wish he didn't pick such a difficult road." B'Elana said honestly.

"The more we shelter him, the longer it will take for him to realize the truth. It may take some short term pain to prevent an even greater pain later." Janeway said sagely.

"He will be on Alpha shift starting next schedule. I may not be able to protect him completely, but if I keep him on my shift, I may be able to blunt some of the sharpest edges." B'Elana said honestly.

"I know you'll do what's right." Janeway said with trust.

"So Alan and Andrew are going to adopt the kids. That's great. Those two are so great with the kids, watching them makes me want kids of my own..." B'Elana said wistfully, then stopped abruptly.

"I saw her kiss you at the wedding. Are you two thinking about becoming an official couple?" Janeway asked.

"We've been talking about it... and about kids... since we're on the subject. I'd like to request an artificial womb and permission to have a child. I don't want to do it today, but soon..." B'Elana rambled.

"It's fine B'Elana. Permission granted. I think you two will make some beautiful babies." Janeway said honestly.

"Thank you Captain." B'Elana said and collected her emotions.

"So, in your honest opinion, do you believe Andrew and Alan would be good parents for the children?" Janeway asked, knowing B'Elana would want to change the subject.

"I haven't spent much time around them with the kids, but... yeah. From what little I've seen, they'll be great parents." B'Elana said honestly.

"Thank you Lieutenant Torres, I'll let you get back to your duties, would you please send in William and Robert?" Janeway asked with a smile.

"Yes. And thank you Captain." B'Elana said and left the room.

* * * * *

Three left the Captain's office and went back to his duty. As he left main engineering with the necessary tools he heard someone say, "The Borg killed my wife at Wolf Three Five Nine."

Three turned in time to see a fist, then was on the floor with his tools skittering in all directions across the floor.

He looked up to see a crewman, a mountain of a man, looking at him with hatred.

"I was not there." Three said defensively, trying to maintain his calm.

"You are a collective. All of you are the same." the man said and walked toward Three.

Three felt fear as the large man walked toward him. Three remained still.

The big man kicked him in the side and he doubled over in pain.

There was a sound of a scuffle above him and he looked up to see Uncle Dave fighting the man.

"He's just a kid, Paul. He ain't one of them that killed your wife." Winger said as he fought the man.

"He's a Borg." Johnson said and landed a punch.

Winger shook it off and said, "He's a kid who's been through a lot and is trying to figure out who he is."

* * * * *

The twin boys walked into the office and Janeway gestured to two chairs sitting before her desk.

"Please be seated. Which one of you is William?" Janeway asked looking at the one dressed in all dark colors and the other dressed in all bright colors.

"I am William." the dark one said quietly.

"Do you both wish to be adopted by Andrew and Alan?" Janeway asked and sipped her coffee.

"Yes." Both said simultaneously.

"Robert, can you tell me why?" Janeway asked and sat back in her chair.

"Because they are our parents." Robert said simply.

"How do you mean?" Janeway asked in confusion.

"All the things that parents do, they do for us. All the things that parents feel, they feel for us. All the things you feel for a parent, we feel for them. They are our parents." Robert stated reasonably.

Janeway blinked at the profundity of that statement then came back to herself and asked, "If I were to deny Andrew and Alan's request for adoption, what would you do?"

"I would spend whatever time I could with my parents, and when the time came that I could legally make my own decisions, I would move in with them." Robert said simply.

"What about you William?" Janeway asked.

"He would sulk and brood for two weeks, then do the same as me." Robert said.

"I was talking to William." Janeway said in a chastising tone.

"He's right. That's what I would do." William said honestly.

"Thank you both, you are dismissed, please send in Jimmy." Janeway said and looked at her empty coffee cup wondering if she dared.

* * * * *

B'Elana walked off the turbolift and into main engineering to the unmistakable sound of a fight. Three was laying in the floor with a bloody lip and holding his side. Winger was fighting Paul Johnson. She thought about stopping the fight, but her Maquis experience told her that these two needed to work out their problem like this. Rules and regulations would just cause the fight to stretch on for months. If they fought it out here and now, it would be done.

"Why are you protecting that drone? You lost people to the Borg too." Johnson said with fury.

"Because he ain't a drone. He's a kid. A good kid." Winger said and punctuated his words with punches to Johnson's face.

"Look at him. The little fucker is a drone." Johnson said as he pulled away from Winger, who had done some damage.

"Johnson, spend some time with these kids and you'll understand. This boy was taken by the Borg. This little boy, right here, was taken away from his family and had machines put into his body. You know that's gotta mess with his head." Winger said, stopping the fight to make his plea.

"Three is trying to figure out who he is. He was made into a Borg, and then he was rescued. Now what is he? He isn't fully human, he isn't Borg. Paul, let the kid figure it out." Winger said desperately.

"Okay Dave. I get what your saying... Just when I saw him, it all came back... Jenna..." Johnson finished in a whisper.

"I know Paul. Just leave the kid alone. He didn't do it." Winger said and walked to Three.

"Three, do you need to see the Doctor?" Winger asked in a gentle tone.

"I... I don't think so. I am only bruised." Three said calmly.

"Good. What happens on the lower decks, we keep on the lower decks." Winger said seriously.

Three looked at Dave curiously for a moment then nodded in acceptance.

"Johnson, you're off the hook. Three isn't gonna tell anyone. I told you he was alright." Winger said, sparing a glance for Johnson.

"Just keep him away from me." Johnson said and left the room.

"Gentlemen, is there a problem?" B'Elana asked as she walked out of the shadows.

"No, Three just bumped into Crewman Johnson and dropped his tools. Everything's fine Lieutenant." Winger said and helped Three to his feet.

"Good, Three, you look like you could use some dermal regeneration. Come to my office, I have a med-kit for when people bump into each other down here and don't want to get the Doctor involved." B'Elana said and turned toward the office.

Three and Winger finished gathering the scattered tools and followed B'Elana.

* * * * *

Jimmy walked into Captain Janeway's office and looked around in wonder.

"Coffee, Janeway blend #7." the Captain said to the replicator.

"Jimmy, please sit down and I'll be right with you." she said and took her coffee.

"Why do you want to be adopted by Alan and Andrew?" Janeway asked and settled back into her chair.

"Why does anyone want to feel loved." Jimmy asked in return.

"Please answer my question." the Captain said with irritation.

Jimmy looked at her with disappointment and handed her a data padd.

>When I was scared, my father held me close.
>When I didn't understand, my father told me why.
>When I wanted to soar, my father pointed the way.
>When I wanted to stand, my father stood with me.

Janeway read the words and finally said, "That's beautiful, who wrote it?"

"I did. And I wrote it because my fathers said that I was smart and good... and precious... and special. They believed in me and my ability when I didn't. And if I never wrote anything ever again, I know that they would support me and love me and encourage me because they don't love me for what I can do... they just love me." Jimmy said seriously.

"You don't talk like the others... like a Borg." Janeway observed.

"My fathers have encouraged me to adapt to my audience. If I were talking to one of the other children, I would be using Borg inflections and phrases." Jimmy said honestly.

"What would you do if I deny the adoption?" Janeway asked carefully.

Jimmy sat and thought for a minute before saying, "I would write my feelings down, because I find that it's the best way for me to express emotions at this point in my development. Then I would visit with my fathers every minute that it was possible. And when the day comes that I am given the freedom of choice, I will go to them and ask them if I can move in... and they'll say yes."

"Thank you Jimmy. I'll look forward to more of your writing. Will you send in Janine?" Janeway asked and cast an evil glance at the empty coffee cup sitting on her desk... calling to her.

* * * * *

Janine walked into Janeway's office looking timid and on the verge of tears.

"Don't worry Janine. I'm just going to talk to you for a minute. Would you like to sit on the couch?" Janeway asked and got up from behind her desk.

Janine nodded and walked haltingly to the couch and took a seat.

"I just wanted to know if you want Alan and Andrew to become your parents." Janeway asked in a gentle tone.

Janine nodded shyly.

"Can you tell me why?" Janeway asked so quietly that it was nearly a whisper.

"Because they love me. They love all of us." Janine said honestly.

"And how do you know that?" Janeway prompted and rested her elbows on her knees and her chin on the heels of her hands.

"When we first came here, and went to the Doctor, they were funny so we wouldn't be scared. They talked to us and let us pick out our own clothes. When I was scared of the Doctor, Andrew asked Icheb if the Doctor hurt him and Icheb said no." Janine said in a rambling tone.

Janeway held her pose and waited for more.

"When Robert got hurt, Andrew saved his life. And when Seven of Nine came to get us for regeneration, Alan called me so I wouldn't get in trouble. When Uncle Dave was mad, Andrew made him go away and Three and Andrew made him nice." Janine said and began looking around the room.

Janeway noticed that they had reached the end of Janine's attention span and asked, "What will you do if you can't be their daughter?"

"I'll be sad. But I'll still visit them every day and someday I'll get to live with them... and live happily ever after." Janine finished with a big smile.

"Who's been telling you stories that end 'happily ever after'?" Janeway asked with a smile of her own.

"Uncle Dave, he knows lots of stories and they all end happily ever after." Janine said with a bounce.

"Who is Uncle Dave?" Janeway asked, not knowing who it could be.

"Crewman Winger. When he started being nice he said we could call him Dave." Janine said happily.

"Thank you Janine. I think everyone is probably waiting for you outside." Janeway said with a smile and got up off the couch.

* * * * *

"At ease Crewman Winger, I just had a few questions for you regarding Andrew, Alan and the children." Janeway said to the stocky man.

"What do you want to know?" Winger asked hesitantly.

"Janine says that you've been telling her stories, but I received a report that less than a week ago you instigated an incident with Alan at the wedding reception. I just want to understand how you got from point A to point B.

"The shortest distance was a straight line through hell." Winger said offhandedly then said in a more serious tone, "After a discussion with Three and Andrew I figured out that I was mad because I miss my own kids and was taking it out on them. So Andrew invited me to be a part of his family. I'm Uncle Dave to all the kids now." Winger said with a smile.

"That's very mature thinking. I'm glad you were able to resolve your differences peacefully. What can you tell me about the relationship between Alan, Andrew and the children?" Janeway asked and watched his eyes carefully.

"They love the kids, and the kids love 'em right back. When we get home, I got a few things to make up for with my own kids, but now I've seen how it's supposed to be and I'm damn sure going to try and get it right this time." Winger said then realized what he had said. "Sorry Captain." He said in a timid whisper.

"Quite alright. Is there anything else that you can think of about their situation that I should know before I make my decision?" Janeway asked.

"No Ma'am." Winger said quietly.

"Then you're dismissed Crewman." Janeway said and made some notes.

* * * * *

"Seven of Nine, I'm sure you are aware that Alan and Andrew want to adopt the children. I wanted to know how you feel about that." Janeway asked as she sat and took a sip of yet another cup of coffee.

"I believe that the children would benefit from that action." Seven said flatly.

"I was concerned that you would feel that they were trying to take the children away from you." Janeway said honestly.

"I anticipated your concern so I brought this." Seven said and handed Janeway a padd.

Janeway looked at the padd which held a schedule. "I don't understand." she finally said.

"That is today's schedule for the children if Alan and Andrew hadn't intervened." Seven said without emotion.

Janeway looked more carefully at the schedule and noticed that every minute of the day was accounted for with some activity.

"It looks like a very full day, but I don't see the problem." Janeway said honestly.

"In all those activities there is not one that encourages freedom of expression, independent decision making or fun. None of these activities nourishes the soul." Seven said with a trace of emotion.

Janeway looked at the schedule a third time and saw what she was saying.

"When I wrote that schedule, I did not see the benefit of such things. Now I understand that they are essential to a child's development. That is why I believe the children would benefit from being adopted by the Summers." Seven said seriously.

"I see, and if they are adopted, what do you see as your role in their life?" Janeway asked carefully.

"I would be a god-parent to all the children." Seven answered immediately.

"A god-parent?" Janeway asked, not familiar with the term.

"I would be considered a part of their family... like an Aunt. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that would prevent both Mr. Summers from caring for their children, I would step in to provide for them until their parents are able to do so again... or until the children are adults." Seven said without emotion.

"I can see why that would be an honored position, why do you believe that Alan and Andrew would ask you to be the god-parent of the children?" Janeway had to ask.

"Because they have already asked me to be a god-parent to their unborn children. It stands to reason that they would consider me adequate to the task of tending to the remainder of their children." Seven said with a note of pride creeping into her voice.

"Thank you Seven. I have one other concern to discuss with you, the status of Three of Seven." Janeway said quietly.

"He is doing well in engineering. His work has been adequate and his efforts have improved shipwide interface efficiency two point eight seven percent." Seven said efficiently.

"He hasn't spoken to anyone in two days." Janeway said quietly.

"The other members of the crew may have difficulty relating to him, due to his appearance." Seven said in acceptance.

"I agree, so I have an idea of how we can fix that." Janeway said, then pressed the buttons to activate the emergency medical holographic channel.

"Doctor, I would like for you to be in on this discussion. Do you think that you could modify Three of Seven's Borg hardware to be detachable?" Janeway asked the Doctor, then looked to Seven.

"I hadn't considered the possibility... but I don't see why not. I believe most if not all of the hardware could be modified to be easily detached. But Three won't agree to it." The Doctor said with certainty.

"Leave that to me Doctor. Seven, what do you think?" the Captain asked.

"I agree with the Doctor, there is no reason that the hardware cannot be made detachable."

"Good, Seven of Nine, go to Sickbay and wait for Three. I think it will just take me a few minutes to convince him." Janeway said with a smile.

"Yes Captain." Seven said and efficiently left the room.

"Crewman Alan Summers, Crewman LeeAndrew Summers, Crewman Three, report to my office at your earliest convenience." Janeway said and rested back in her chair.

To Be Continued...