Hurt & Comfort

Book 4: The Well of Hurt

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Chapter 14: The Naming of Names

Andrew and Alan walked into their cabin and moved to the couch.

"Do you feel it love?" Andrew finally asked.

"Belonging?" Alan asked in confirmation.

"Yeah. It caught me by surprise." Andrew said with a note of wonder.

Alan took Andrew into his arms and gave a long slow hug.

"Do you realize that we haven't made love since we've been here?" Andrew asked.

"I know love. And I want to so bad it hurts." Alan said honestly.

"Just hang on for a little while longer love. This time tomorrow, we'll be on our honeymoon and can make love for a solid week." Andrew said with a smile.

"I know, but I want you so bad right now." Alan said with a whine in his voice.

"Think about the children. Just hold on to your baby juice for one more day and we'll get to make some beautiful babies of our own." Andrew said with love.

"Thanks. When you put it like that, I can put up with almost anything." Alan said with joy.

They snuggled closer when the door chime rang.

"Come." Andrew said and looked toward the door.

"Andrew?" A small voice called.

"Yes Six?" Andrew asked and remained in Alan's embrace.

"Two of Seven informed us that he has chosen to forego his Borg designation for a... name." Six said hesitantly.

"Yes, he now wants to be called Icheb." Andrew said happily.

"He was unable to explain his reasoning for this action. Can you explain?" Six asked with desperation.

"Six, Icheb was changed into Two of Seven by the Borg. They took away his choice and made him into what they wanted him to be. I think he decided to change his name and become what he wants to be. It is a symbol of taking back some of what was taken from him." Andrew said in a considering tone.

Six stood silently for a minute as the two men watched.

After much consideration, Six finally said, "I am no longer what the Borg made me. You have shown me that I can become many things... a pilot, an engineer, a doctor or a journalist. Whatever I become, it will be my choice, not the Borg's. I would like a name too."

"What name would you like?" Alan asked gently.

"I do not know. I have only flashes of memory of my former life. I do not recall my previous desig... name." Six said sadly.

"Six, you can have whatever name you choose, but if you would like, we can give suggestions of what names we think would be good for you." Andrew offered.

"Yes, please." Six said with a note of relief.

"Jimmy." Andrew said immediately.

Six thought about the name as Alan got a puzzled look.

"Olson?" Alan asked in realization.

"Yeah. The attitude, the journalism... it fits." Andrew said with a smile.

"Who is Jimmy Olson?" Six asked.

"He is a fictional character from our world. He is inquisitive and sometimes gets into trouble by investigating things that are dangerous..." Andrew began.

"...But with the help of his friends Lois and Clark, he is always able to come out of the experience safely." Alan finished.

"Do you believe this of me?" Six asked in worry.

"No Six, but you have the same inquisitive nature and willingness to take risks. Plus you are a good person who is easy to like... just like Jimmy." Andrew said with a smile.

"Thank you Andrew. I believe I understand... Could you tell me more about the name?" Six asked with intensity.

"Let's see... Jimmy is the diminutive form of the formal name James, just like Andy is the diminutive form of Andrew." Alan said in an informative tone.

"I remember reading about someone in recent history with that name... Captain James Kirk. It might be a good idea to research his life. It is good to know someone with your name has accomplished great things." Andrew said and snuggled against Alan again.

"Thank you both for the explanation and suggestion. I will inform you of my decision when it is made." Six said with Borg efficiency.

"Thank you Six. If you like, you can explain to the other children what I've just told you. Some of them may want to get names too." Alan said with a tone of fondness.

Six walked to the door, then stopped. "I have written an account of my experience in Sickbay this morning. It has been uploaded to your workstation." Six said and left the room.

"Do you think he'll change his name?" Alan asked as Andrew got off the couch.

"Yeah, I think he'll be known as Jimmy before we get married tomorrow." Andrew said with a smile as he came back holding a padd.

"Read it with me?" Andrew asked and held up the padd.

"Yeah, just like the old Star Wars books... but now we're living on a space ship." Alan said in realization.

"Look at this." Andrew said and pointed to a passage of text.

* * * * *

Andrew and Alan had just finished Six's story and were sitting stunned.

"You're some kind of super-hero." Alan finally said.

"I didn't know he thought of me like that." Andrew said in amazement.

"To hear him tell it, Five, Samantha, Bateheart and Ayala would all be dead without your help." Alan said in a hollow tone.

"I can take credit for saving Five. Without the CPR he would have died, but the rest? I just put them to bed, the Doctor did all the work." Andrew said honestly.

"Love, you'll have to get used to this. Six is a child, and you are obviously his hero. When our kids are born, you'll probably be their hero too... I know you're mine." Alan said with tenderness.

"Do you think I should have a talk with him about it?" Andrew asked with concern.

"No love. The universe has taken so much from that little boy. Let him have his hero." Alan said and held Andrew close.

Andrew thought about Alan's words and whispered, "You're going to be such a great father."

"You too, my hero." Alan said with a smile before moving in for a deep passionate kiss.

* * * * *

The door chime rang as Andrew and Alan were rereading Six's story.

"Come in." Alan called into the air.

"Are we interrupting?" Chakotay asked with worry.

"No, come on in and have a seat guys. We were just reading." Alan said with a smile.

"We have a few things to talk to you about before the ceremony tomorrow." Tom said and took a seat.

Chakotay sat by Tom then said, "The Captain suggested that since you're both officially crew members, we have a formal Starfleet wedding ceremony."

"What would that include?" Andrew asked and sat the padd on the coffee table.

"Not much, just dress uniforms, and Tuvok would attend to provide an official record of the event." Tom said nonchalantly.

"We'll have to make uniforms... can you guys help us with that? I wouldn't want to get it wrong." Andrew asked the two.

Tom looked to Chakotay before answering, "Sure... in fact, it's kind of a tradition that the couple not spend the night before the wedding together. We're here to take one of you to Chakotay's quarters for the night."

"You'll see each other again at the ceremony... which we would like to have on the holo-deck if you don't mind." Chakotay said hesitantly.

Andrew said, "I thought we would just have it in the Captain's office."

"Please allow me to give this to you as a wedding present. I am a holo-programmer, I'm the one who programmed Sandrine's." Tom said plaintively.

Alan and Andrew cast simultaneous looks at each other, then both nodded in acceptance.

"Good... then who's spending the night on my couch?" Chakotay asked as he got up from the loveseat.

"I will." Alan said without enthusiasm.

"Let's go then, so these two can program a perfect wedding location." Chakotay said and walked toward the door.

"I'm gonna miss you Andy." Alan said quietly and held Andrew close.

"I'll see you in the morning... and then we'll be married." Andrew said, holding on for dear life.

"Come on Alan. You need to get some sleep." Chakotay said from the door.

After a long kiss, Alan finally let loose of Andrew and said, "Yes Commander."

* * * * *

There was a chime at the door as Tom and Andrew were working on the holo-program.

"Come." Andrew called without looking up.

"Andrew? I came to ask if the other children could also attend the ceremony." Icheb said from the doorway.

"Sure, if they want to. It's a formal ceremony, so I don't know how much they'll enjoy it." Andrew said and moved from beside Tom at the computer.

Icheb looked around and asked, "Where is Alan?"

"Apparently there is a tradition that states the couple shouldn't see each other before the wedding. So Alan will be staying at Commander Chakotay's cabin tonight and Tom will be staying here." Andrew said without inflection.

"I have a concern about Three of Seven and I wanted to discuss it with you." Icheb said with worry.

Andrew heard the anxiety in Icheb's voice and said, "Come over here and sit down. Tell me what's the problem."

"I do not know that it is a problem... He seems to be acting more like a Borg drone than he did yesterday. He has stopped speaking to anyone but Four, Five and Seven of Seven." Icheb said with a helpless tone.

"And you want to help him become an individual like you and the others?" Andrew asked in confirmation.

"Yes. His behavior suggests that he does not want to be an individual... that he wants to rejoin the collective." Icheb said with a note of fear.

"Thank you for bringing this to me. I don't know if he'll listen but I'll try to talk to him." Andrew said seriously.

"Would you like for me to send him to you?" Icheb asked with hope.

Andrew looked at Tom who was consumed by his programming and said, "Yes, send him here and I will see what I can do."

Icheb got up from the couch and walked to the door before saying, "Thank you Andrew. Even though we are becoming individuals, we are all 'of Seven'. That makes us family does it not?"

"Yes Icheb, it does."

* * * * *

"Come." Andrew said when he heard the chime.

Three of Seven walked into the room stiffly and stood at attention before Andrew.

Andrew looked at the Borg posture and attitude before saying, "Three, Icheb is concerned about your recent behavior. Explain."

"I do not wish to explain to an inferior being." Three said in a flat tone.

Andrew was taken aback by the statement. He looked carefully at Three's features and got a glimmer of a sense of what was going on.

"Tom, Three and I are going to the Sickbay for a moment. We'll be right back." Andrew said and opened a portal.

"Just don't go sneaking off to visit with Alan or I'll make it rain at your wedding." Tom said mock seriously.

Andrew stopped for a moment at the statement, then said, "I promise, just to Sickbay and back."

* * * * *

"Three of Seven. Please take this medical tricorder and scan me for Borg signatures." Andrew said, handing Three the Device.

After a moment of scanning Three looked up and said, "You have been modified by the Borg. You have a tritanium mesh throughout the circulatory network of your brain and two of your vital organs are being augmented by nano-probes."

"Yes. Do you still consider me an inferior being?" Andrew asked and held out his hand for the tricorder.

Three handed over the tricorder and thought for a moment before saying, "Before I answer, how did you and Two of Two receive your Borg modifications?"

"Two of Two used an appliance on his face to control discharges of optical energy. The Doctor suggested that an ocular implant could be modified to control his discharges. I was injured and Seven of Nine suggested that I might be healed by using Borg nano-probes to repair my damage." Andrew answered as efficiently as he could.

"So this was done without your permission?" Three asked in confirmation.

"Yes, but had I been asked, I would have agreed." Andrew said seriously.

"You are not an inferior being. I will talk with you." Three said.

"Follow me back to my cabin and we'll talk." Andrew said and walked back to the portal.

* * * * *

"Do you think you are superior to others on this ship?" Andrew asked as he took a seat on the couch.

"Yes. I was born organic like them, then I was improved. Even though some of my improvements were removed, I remain superior to pure organics." Three said without emotion.

"I have a question for you. Please consider your response carefully before answering." Andrew said in a serious tone.

Three showed no sign of hearing the statement so Andrew continued, "Which is better, a hydrospanner or a dermal regenerator?"

Three looked at Andrew with confusion before he purposefully put his Borg emotionless mask back on.

"I need clarification." Three finally answered.

"Of what?" Andrew asked.

"For what purpose. I cannot state which is better if I do not know the task to be performed." Three said with Borg flatness.

"Then how do you know that you are superior to another being unless you know their purpose?" Andrew asked seriously.

"But I have been improved beyond the capabilities of organics, I am superior." Three said defensively.

"Three, you are different... not superior. Your improvements may make you superior at performing certain tasks. But no sentient being is superior over another. We all have our own purpose, and use our individual gifts to try and fulfill it. Just like the dermal regenerator is a superior implement if your purpose is to repair a wound." Andrew said, hoping Three was getting the idea.

"I understand. I am not superior... I am different." Three said flatly.

"And another word for different is individual. Each of us is different in our own way. By using our differences collectively, we have strength as a group." Andrew said, not sure of Three's emotional state.

"Two of Seven and Six of Seven have chosen to give up their Borg designations. I thought they were denying their superiority in an attempt to become inferior like those around us." Three said in a more organic tone of voice.

"Icheb and Jimmy have made choices that are right for them." Andrew said in confirmation.

"Then you do not wish to change my designation?" Three asked with surprise.

"No Three. That is your personal business. Icheb changed his name because Two of Seven is something that the Borg created. Jimmy changed his to show that he controls his own future, he is not what the Borg made him but what he chooses to be." Andrew said carefully.

"But what if I *want* to be Borg. Would you disapprove of me?" Three asked, with a tremor of fear in his voice.

"Before I answer, I need to know. Do you want to be identified as Borg, like you are now? Or do you want to rejoin the collective?" Andrew asked hesitantly.

"I wish to be as I am... but I would like to restore the hardware that the Doctor removed when we arrived." Three said unsurely.

"Do you want to be bald and gray again?" Andrew asked with a look of displeasure.

"No, although I would like to have my Borg clothing." Three said with certainty.

"I'll see what I can do for you. What else?" Andrew asked, sensing that there was more.

Three got a look of shyness that he quickly covered with his Borg attitude. "Since I have been improved, I believe I should be treated as an adult. I can perform the same tasks and should be given equal standing." Three said in a forced calm tone.

Andrew sat quietly and considered. "The things you are asking are beyond my control Three. I will discuss these things with Seven and some others and let you know what we decide. Will you do me a favor in the mean time?" Andrew asked.

"What can I do for you One of Two?" Three asked in his Borg tone again.

"Would you read the Starfleet historical archive about the encounters that the Federation have had with the Borg? If you choose to be identified as Borg, you may encounter hostility due to the actions of the collective." Andrew said with a note of worry.

"I will do that. Thank you for your clarification One of Two." Three said and walked out of the room.

"Your welcome." Andrew said to the closed door.

"You handled that pretty well. I wouldn't have thought about the dermal regenerator/hydro-spanner thing. That was smart." Tom said from the workstation.

"Thanks. I'm glad I'm getting all this practice with kids before Alan and I have our own." Andrew said with a smile.

"You'll be fine. From what I've seen, you've got a natural talent for dealing with them." Tom said and turned back to his work.

"Crewman Wells to Icheb." Andrew called out.

"Icheb here, how may I be of assistance?" Icheb asked.

"I have talked with Three of Seven. Would you come to my quarters, I need to discuss some things with you." Andrew said seriously.

"I will be there shortly." Icheb said and signed off the comm.

* * * * *

"Come." Andrew said in response to the door chime.

"What did you discover about Three of Seven?" Icheb asked with concern.

"Please sit down." Andrew said and motioned to the opposite end of the couch he was sitting on.

Icheb sat and waited.

"I think Three of Seven is embracing being Borg as his identity. Rather than go with the group and take a non-Borg name, he is choosing to keep his designation." Andrew said, looking for a reaction.

"Then he does not wish to rejoin the collective?" Icheb asked to be sure.

"He says he doesn't. I'm not sure if this is a manifestation of 'Stockholm Syndrome' or just his desire to be someone unique. Either way, I think it will do him most good to encourage his embrace of his Borg-ness... within boundaries." Andrew said in a considering tone.

"In what way?" Icheb asked and shifted on the couch for more comfort.

"He said he wants his hardware restored... what was removed when he came on board. I think we should accommodate him to a point." Andrew said as he was thinking it through.

"What point would that be?" Icheb asked and put an elbow on the top of the couch back.

"He should be able to explain why he wants each piece of hardware... do you know what purpose his hardware served?" Andrew asked.

"Yes, I have a complete inventory of his hardware." Icheb said immediately.

"Tell me about one of the items that was removed." Andrew said and made himself more comfortable, mirroring Icheb's position.

"He had a power disruption unit on his left arm. It could be used to interrupt the power flow of systems to facilitate their incorporation into the collective." Icheb said from memory.

"And does that unit have any practical application on board Voyager?" Andrew asked.

"No, none that I can think of. It's only purpose was to cause power failures in electrical units and neural shock in biological organisms." Icheb responded.

"Then it would serve no purpose to restore that piece of hardware to Three of Seven. Can you think of another piece of hardware that might be beneficial for him to have?" Andrew asked, getting a little creepy feeling from the thought of Three with a neural disrupter.

"His ocular implant was useful. It could scan in the ultra-violet and infra-red ranges of light, detect phase variances, and refine vision down to the cellular level." Icheb said with a note of admiration that Andrew recognized from his own experience... when looking at an impressive computer system.

"And would his ocular implant pose any threat to Voyager or her crew?" Andrew asked, to be sure.

"No. It simply provides visual enhancements, much like my own implant but more detailed." Icheb said simply.

"Then if he wants the ocular implant restored, I think we should let him. We need to get Seven of Nine's approval... and I think it would be a good idea to talk to the Captain too, so she'll know what's going on." Andrew said as it occurred to him that she might be upset if she saw Three looking suddenly more Borg than the day before.

"Actually, you should talk to Chakotay about that." Tom said from the workstation.

"Why is that?" Andrew asked.

"Because Captain Janeway has made the assimilation of the Borg children into Voyager's crew his responsibility. It goes from Chakotay to Seven... to Icheb, I suppose." Tom said and turned in his chair.

"Good. We can talk to him... actually Icheb, you can talk to him and find out if he approves of our plan. I can't go there... that's where Alan is. Chakotay is a counselor, so he may have other suggestions or see some reason that we shouldn't encourage him." Andrew said, glad that Tom had spoken up.

"Would you like for me to go now?" Icheb asked carefully.

Andrew caught a hesitant quality in Icheb's voice and said, "You can go when it is most comfortable for you. If you want to wait till after the wedding I can go with you."

"It isn't that. I'm just... Commander Chakotay makes me nervous. He reminds me of my father." Icheb said and cast his eyes down shyly.

"Then wait for me to be able to go with you." Andrew said with a shrug.

"Or I can go with you now. Chakotay is my friend and I wouldn't mind going. Plus Alan will be there and I know you don't have a problem with him." Tom offered.

"Thank you Lieutenant Paris." Icheb said shyly.

"Icheb, please call me Tom. I'm not *that* much older than you." Tom said with a smile.

"Very well Tom. I will accept your offer. Can we go now?" Icheb asked quietly.

"Sure... Andrew, while we're gone. Why don't you look over what I've done with the holo-program. I think you'll like it." Tom said as he got up from his chair.

"I will." Andrew said and relocated from the couch to his previous position at the computer.

* * * * *

The door chime rang and Andrew called, "Come." as he looked up from the computer.

Icheb and Chakotay walked into the room.

"Tom offered to stay with Alan until we are done discussing Three." Icheb said.

Andrew got up from his chair and said, "Take a seat guys, I'm going to have some tea, would you like anything?"

"I'd like some sassafras tea, hot." Chakotay said as he took a seat on the couch.

"No thank you, I do not ingest nourishment." Icheb said in a very Borg tone.

Andrew looked over to see Icheb nervously sitting down on the loveseat.

A moment later Andrew came into the living area of the room with three steaming mugs. He took a seat beside Icheb on the loveseat, hoping to make him more comfortable.

"I brought this for you Icheb. You don't have to drink it if you don't want to, but The Doctor and Alan came up with it for Seven of Nine. It is supposed to be something that your body can tolerate and inoffensive to your taste." Alan said and handed Icheb a drink.

"Thank you." Icheb said with barely a whisper as he accepted the drink.

Chakotay was watching curiously and shifted into a more comfortable posture, hoping to reduce the level of tension in the room.

"So what is your professional opinion about Three of Seven being encouraged in his choice to embrace his Borg-ness?" Andrew asked, then took a sip of tea.

"From what Tom and Icheb said, you think it is his way of expressing his individuality." Chakotay said and smiled after he took a drink of tea.

"I think so. If no one objects, I'd like to restore the hardware that was removed when he came aboard." Andrew said in a considering tone.

"I'm worried that if we encourage him in this, he may never integrate with the rest of the crew." Chakotay said with concern.

Andrew thought about that, then said, "Three is always going to have trouble integrating with the mainstream. He is rebellious by nature. If there were a counter-culture aboard Voyager, he would fall in with them. As it is, he is going to embrace being Borg as an excuse to be ostracized and feel better about himself because he knows that he is being true to what he believes."

"What does he believe?" Icheb asked, becoming more comfortable without realizing it.

"That being Borg makes him better than he would have been. It makes him special and more valuable because his enhancements and knowledge enable him to make contributions to the crew. Every time we seek his help, it confirms that he is valuable to us and reconfirms his belief that he is better off being Borg." Andrew said as he figured it out.

"Then perhaps we should not seek his help." Icheb said.

"He would see that as jealousy or malice on our part. And that would feed his belief that we are against him and that we are irrational because we don't seek his help when it is the most efficient way to solve a problem." Chakotay said as he was beginning to understand Three's personality.

"So what action do you propose Commander?" Icheb asked then remembered to whom he was speaking and shrunk back.

"I think Andrew may be right. Three should be encouraged to pursue his interest in being Borg and allowed to regain his lost hardware as long as it isn't a threat to the ship or other crew. And Icheb, you may call me Chakotay. You are not a member of the crew and I am not on duty." Chakotay said and gave Icheb a friendly smile.

"Thank you Comm... Chakotay." Icheb said shyly.

"So I guess the next thing for us to do is discuss this with Seven of Nine. Are we agreed?" Andrew asked and looked at the two men.

After receiving nods from both, he called, "Crewman Wells to Seven of Nine."

"How may I be of assistance?" Was Seven of Nine's immediate response.

"Could you come to my quarters to discuss a matter regarding one of the children?" Andrew asked.

"I will be there in a few moments. Seven out." Was her response before the comm went dead.

"Icheb, would you try your drink?" Andrew asked.

"What is it?" Icheb asked carefully.

"It is weak chamomile tea... An infusion made from daisy-like flower heads." Andrew said and took another drink of his own tea.

Icheb hesitantly took the cup to his lips and sipped.

A look of surprise came over his face and he said, "I find this to be pleasing. Thank you Andrew."

"I'm glad you like it. Alan likes sassafras, that's too strong for me. I like chamomile." Andrew said and held up his cup.

The door chimed and Andrew got up to answer it. "Come in." he said and gestured for Seven of Nine to join the other guests.

"We've asked you here to discuss Three's decision to embrace his Borg nature and reclaim his Borg hardware." Andrew said when he was seated again.

"I take it that you have discussed the matter and have decided what is to be done." Seven of Nine said without emotion.

"We have discussed it, but any decision is yours to make. We were just concerned with what is the best response to his decision." Chakotay said seriously.

After a considering silence, Seven asked, "What have you discussed?"

"I believe it would be best to encourage Three to establish his identity, within certain boundaries." Andrew said.

"Which boundaries?" Seven asked, intrigued by the suggestion.

"No hardware that is harmful to the ship or crew, no alterations to himself that are permanent and he may only retain these things as long as he deals with others respectfully." Andrew said.

"I must ask, why do you wish to encourage him. It has been my belief that you wanted all the children to establish non-Borg identities." Seven asked with a hint of emotion.

"Not exactly. I want to encourage all the children to form their own identities. Three has chosen a Borg identity and that is as valid a choice as Icheb choosing to change his name or you choosing to keep your Borg designation. As long as he's making an informed choice, I'm willing to support him." Andrew said professionally.

"I believe I understand. How do you think we should proceed?" Seven asked carefully.

"I want to talk to him to establish the ground rules. If he agrees to our terms, then we could take Three to the Doctor tonight to get his hardware. You should be there to judge if a piece of equipment is allowed or not. After that, we will watch and listen. If he wishes to embrace his Borg persona, then we should relate to him appropriately." Andrew said to the group.

"How do you mean?" Chakotay asked.

"Just don't treat him as one of the children. He is an individual, made even more so by his Borg-ness. I think he should be given a responsibility that is his and his alone. Something uniquely suited to his talents and capabilities. He has stated that he wants to be treated as an adult." Andrew said carefully.

"I believe I have such a responsibility. He was able to efficiently restore connections to four damaged bioneural interfaces. I think it would benefit Voyager for him to be in charge of the bioneural gelpacks for the ship. His knowledge of bioneural interface algorithms is adequate to the task. Maintenance of bioneural gelpacks is currently shared by all engineering crew. It would increase their efficiency to have one person attending to the maintenance." Seven said professionally.

"What do you think Chakotay?" Andrew asked.

"It's unconventional to have a child working on the crew... but not without precedent. I'm willing to go along with it as long as Seven and B'Elana keep an eye on him to see that he is doing his job." Chakotay said.

"Is there any way to move his alcove to a separate location from the others?" Andrew asked Seven.

"No. The alcove is a permanent fixture, but a less elaborate alcove could be built in a matter of hours." Seven responded.

"Good. I think Three needs to be separated from the other children... It would be ideal if he could move in with someone who could give him positive reinforcement and provide a good example of living independently." Andrew said slowly as he put the pieces together.

"You want someone to *adopt* him?" Chakotay asked in disbelief.

"No, no. If that was my intention, I could leave him with the rest of the children. What I need is for someone to be his roommate. Someone who can relate to a teenage boy and is responsible. That way Three will have a good role model, but won't be forced into anything." Andrew said, now feeling more sure he was right.

"I know just the man for the job." Chakotay said with a smile.

Everyone looked at Chakotay with question. After half a minute of silence Andrew said, "Harry."

"Yes, I think Harry Kim would be the perfect roommate for Three of Seven. He is a fine officer, a good person and would probably be able to relate to Three on his own level." Chakotay said.

"Now, all we have to do is convince Harry." Andrew said.

"Leave that to me." Chakotay said with a smile then said in a commanding voice, "Ensign Kim, report to Crewman Wells quarters."

"Aye Commander." Came from the comm unit.

"I terrify him." Chakotay said with a smile.

To Be Continued...