Controlling Chaos

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Chapter Thirty-Six

"How old are you?" Charise asked carefully as she closed the door.

"I'll be fourteen next month." Phobos said quietly.

"Mmmm, hold still, let me undress you. There's something I want to see." Charise said as she moved close.

Phobos stood still as Charise began to slowly remove his leather armor. She was taking the time to caress each patch of exposed skin and inspect it carefully.

When she finally removed his pants and he was standing naked before her, he looked down to see her smile of approval.

"This is what I was looking for." She said as she gently glided her fingers through the small tuft of pubic hair.

Phobos couldn't find his voice to ask.

"I was worried that I was being asked to take care of a child. But if you've got these, it means you're a man." Charise said as Phobos erection began to swell under her gentle touch.

Phobos gulped reflexively.

"Come to the bed and lay down. I'm going to apply some scented oil to your skin, and when you're ready we'll move on to the next step." Charise said as she led him by the hand to the bed.

"I'm ready." Phobos said quickly.

Charise looked down and said, "I guess you are. Let me apply the oil and we'll begin."

* * * * *

Deimos timidly walked into the room behind Tad.

"Look at this. I've been collecting scrolls of epic battles. I love stories of warriors." Tad said as he pointed to a pile of scrolls.

Deimos got a curious look and walked beside Tad.

"This one is about King Jason of Corinth... before he became king. It's one of my favorites." Tad said as he indicated a scroll.

Deimos looked at the scroll, then at Tad in curiosity.

"Have you ever seen a battle?" Tad asked in excitement.

"I was in a battle today." Deimos said proudly.

"Will you tell me about it?" Tad asked hopefully as he began to unbuckle Deimos' leather armor.

"What are you doing?" Deimos asked cautiously.

"Oh, um, I'm still a little new at this. I'm going to take off your clothes, then I'm going to show you the things that feel good." Tad said simply.

"But... I thought." Deimos said in confusion.

Tad stopped his motion and said, "We can do whatever you want. I just thought it would be fun if I started while you told me about your battle."

Deimos nodded and Tad peeled back a panel of leather to expose Deimos' hairless chest.

Tad glided a fingertip over a nipple, then moved to the next buckle.

Deimos got a smile and said, "Our father took us to the battlefield just as tha first men started ta fight..."

* * * * *

Jace found and followed the power signature of Thanatos. He had expected to find himself in Tartarus, but instead found himself on a battlefield.

He stood silently, invisible to mortal sight and watched Thanatos walking among the wounded. Every now and then Thanatos would reach out and gently lay his hand on one of the wounded and suffering men and they would silence.

Jace watched the scene before him and had a greater understanding of just what Thanatos' job was.

//Thanatos?// Jace sent unsurely.

//Jace?// Thanatos responded, looking around curiously.

A look of delight crossed Thanatos' face as he locked eyes with Jace.

//If you're busy, I can talk to you later...// Jace sent hesitantly.

//No, my work here is done. There was little death here today, only the weak and ill-prepared fell to this day's battle.// Thanatos sent as he surveyed the many men tending to their wounded comrades.

//I just needed your advice, if you have a minute.// Jace sent, feeling frivolous for worrying about his own problems.

//I can't express how glad I am to be asked for advice. It makes me feel... alive.// Thanatos sent with a look of warmth and compassion in his eyes as he made his way to Jace.

//A woman, claiming to be Clotho, just appeared to me and said that I can't have my godhood bound to death... what do you know about that?// Jace asked as he looked deeply into Thanatos' eyes.

//Nothing. But if it could be done... then we might be able to touch!// Thanatos thought with excitement.

//Who would know if it could be done?// Jace asked with his own excitement building.

//Lord Hades, he said he couldn't change me... but I didn't think about asking him to change you. Let's find him.// Thanatos thought franticly.

Jace moved to Thanatos' side and waited for Thanatos to transport them.

* * * * *

"Do you think they'll be okay?" Joxer asked as he made his clothes disappear with a thought.

"They'll be fine. This is a day they'll remember forever." Ares said as he looked appreciatively at his husband.

"Gods Ares, I never dreamed that I could be so happy. Having you as my husband is better than anything." Joxer said as he moved into Ares embrace.

"You complete me. Since I have you I've found passion, joy and freedom that I'd never known before." Ares said before moving in for a tender kiss.

Joxer pulled them down to the bed and said, "Our kids are great. They're strong willed and independent yet at the same time able to love and show compassion."

"I'm proud of them all for different reasons. Our family is the best thing in my life." Ares said in contentment.

Joxer glided a hand down his husband's body and took a firm grip on his growing erection.

Ares shifted slightly to give Joxer a firm kiss.

Joxer began a slow, lazy pumping motion as the kiss escalated into deep passion.

Ares finally broke the kiss and said, "Make love to me."

Joxer smiled. Ares didn't take that position too often, so Joxer was only to happy to oblige.

* * * * *

Hades read and reread the prophecy and finally said, "It doesn't say what will happen if the seal is broken. It just tells how to remake it."

"It's horrible." Aphrodite said in disgust at the thought of one of her boys forced to take his life and the other destined to be apart from his true love.

"I agree." Anteros said as he and Senscie appeared.

"Ter." Aphrodite screamed as she threw herself into his arms.

"It's okay Mom. I think Senscie has an idea." Anteros said in a comforting tone.

Aphrodite turned to Senscie and smiled.

"Senscie, this is my mother, Aphrodite. Mom, this is Senscie, a friend of mine." Anteros finished shyly.

"Pleased to meet you." Senscie muttered.

"Oh Ter, she's lovely. Now I know why you've been waiting all these centuries. A woman like this doesn't come along every day." Aphrodite said dramatically.

"Mom, you're embarrassing me." Anteros said in a whisper.

Senscie giggled at the sight.

"So everything is about how to remake the seal." Hephaistos said and caught everyone's attention.

"It's like a one sided coin." Senscie said and walked to the group at the desk.

"A what?" Cupid asked from beside Strife.

"Coins have two sides, but you can only see one at a time. But this coin only seems to have one side." Senscie said from beside Hephaistos.

"So what we've been given is half the story..." Hades said in thought.

"Destiny!" Hephaistos called out.

* * * * *

Phobos had been carefully oiled by Charise.

"There are a lot of things we could do now, but from your expression, I think we'll just get right to it."

"What do ya want me ta do?" Phobos asked hesitantly.

Charise guided Phobos on top of her and moved him carefully into position.

"Just put it in slowly. Take the time to enjoy the feeling."

As Phobos slowly entered her he felt such a variety of sensations that he couldn't have described half of them... even if he had had a voice.

"That's fine, now pull out a little, then push back in." Charise said softly.

Phobos did and his instinct took over. He moved from gently thrusting to outright humping.

"Slow down a little. It's like gulping your food. You need to take time to enjoy it... just a little slower... and harder." Charise said and began to feel pleasure.

"That's it Pho. Just like that." Charise said in a breathy whisper as she closed her eyes.

* * * * *

Deimos finished his story as Tad was slowly pulling off his pants.

"That was amazing. I can only imagine what it would be like to be so brave and strong." Tad said as he took Deimos hand and led him to sit on the edge of the bed.

"It was cool. Me an my brother have been training for years." Deimos said with a smile.

"That's why I'm not a warrior. I couldn't dedicate myself to the training like you've done. I admire your strength of will to be able to stick with it." Tad said as he let his fingertips glide down Deimos chest.

"Tad? What kind of a name is that anyway?" Deimos asked as he looked into Tad's eyes.

"It's short for Taddius. I like Tad better." Tad said with a smile.

Deimos nodded, then in a whisper he said, "I... I don't know what to do next."

"Do you mind if I kiss you?" Tad asked hesitantly.

Deimos shook his head.

Tad gently turned and pressed his lips to Deimos'.

Then Tad brought a hand to the back of Deimos head and guided him, showing him that he could press harder and move.

Deimos closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling, then noticed Tad's tongue tracing across his closed lips.

Hesitantly Deimos opened his mouth and the tongue entered carefully.

Deimos nearly overloaded on the sensation of the tongue tickling and stimulating the inside of his mouth. He caressed the tongue with his own and gently sucked it.

The kiss finally broke and Tad said, "That was hot. You're a really good kisser."

"I never done it before." Deimos said in a breathy whisper.

"Then you've got natural talent. Lay back, let me taste you. You've got to tell me if anything I do feels bad or wrong. Everyone enjoys different things and we're going to try a lot of things to find out what you enjoy." Tad said as he guided Deimos to lay back.

"What should I do?" Deimos asked as he settled his head back on a pillow.

"Whatever you want. You can lay back and enjoy what I'm doing or you can touch me or taste me if you want to. All we're doing is having fun, it's okay to try anything you want, I like just about anything." Tad said as he moved beside Deimos and began to nuzzle Deimos just under the ear.

"Can I touch your thing?" Deimos asked hesitantly.

"As much or as little as you want. But I'd appreciate it if you'd use some of that oil in that pot beside the bed. It just feels better... let me show you." Tad said with a smile as he leaned across Deimos to dip his hand in the scented oil.

Tad's nipple was just above Deimos mouth, so he hesitantly stuck out his tongue and gently licked the nipple.

"Oh Demi..." Tad shuddered, "That's one of the hottest spots on my body."

"Sorry." Deimos said quickly.

"No, I'm not complaining, I'm just letting you know that I like it. If we don't tell each other what we like, it won't be nearly as much fun." Tad said as he brought his oiled hand to rest on Deimos semi-erect penis.

Deimos took in a shaky breath as he felt the foreign sensation of oiled fingers gently caressing his growing shaft.

"I like that." Deimos gasped.

"I'd hoped you would." Tad said with a smile.

"Can I touch yours now?" Deimos asked hopefully.

Tad responded by turning himself on the bed so his knees were beside Deimos' head.

Deimos reached over and dipped his fingers into the oil, then hesitantly grasped the turgid member beside him.

"Oh Demi, that feels great." Tad said at the sensation of Deimos' curious questing fingers.

Tad stuck out his tongue and tasted a clear drop of precum from the tip of Deimos fully erect shaft.

"Oh Tad! That! I like that." Deimos gasped.

"If you liked that, you'll love this." Tad said, then carefully took just the head of Deimos' cock into his mouth.

Deimos took in a gasp of breath as the sensation flooded him. He laid still, with Tad's erect shaft in his hand as he tried to get used to the new sensation.

Tad was careful not to move to quickly, realizing that Deimos was new to this and highly sensitive. He gently moved up and down over the head, only sucking slightly and not using his tongue until Deimos was more used to it.

Finally Deimos adjusted to the feel and in a gasping whisper he asked, "Can I taste yours?"

Tad said, "Scoot down a little on the bed and we'll do each other at the same time."

Deimos did so and once settled, he hesitantly took Tad's penis to his lips.

Tad tried to maintain his concentration and not overwhelm Deimos by giving him too much sensation too soon. He felt the lips move over his cock head and took in a gasp of air around the penis in his mouth.

Deimos froze for a second, then intentionally took in a gasp of air around Tad's cock.

Tad enjoyed the sensation and decided to try moving on to the next stage. He carefully pulled Deimos cock and guided the foreskin back to fully expose the head.

Deimos pulled back and did the same to Tad.

Slowly and carefully, Tad glided his tongue from the underside of Deimos glans and up the slit, gathering some precum as he went.

Deimos shuddered at the sensation, but soon did the same to Tad.

With great care, Tad began to trace around the mushroomed flange of the glans with his tongue which brought a gasp from Demi.

Deimos took the head of Tad's cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the flange.

"Oh Demi, that's wonderful." Tad said, then moved to do the same.

Deimos got a little more adventuresome and moved further down Tad's shaft.

Tad pulled back and said, "That's great. Now let's turn so you're on top of me, on your knees."

With a minimum of guiding, Tad arranged Deimos above him, then went back to sucking the hard cock that was dangling above him.

Deimos was in paradise and gave a tentative thrust of his pelvis, more by instinct than thought.

Tad gladly accepted the additional length into his mouth and slurped with approval.

Deimos looked at the erect shaft below him and shifted his weight to one hand as he used the other to guide the cock into his mouth.

Tad moved his hands to Deimos' butt and gently coaxed him into a rhythm.

Deimos immediately caught on and began to thrust into Tad's mouth as he happily sucked the cock below him up and down at the same pace.

* * * * *

Gaea and Destiny were sitting and enjoying bowls of berries and whipped cream when the call came.

"Hephaistos is calling for me." Destiny said sadly.

"They figured it out much faster than I expected." Gaea said calmly.

"Yes, perhaps it is time for the binding to be released... but the world is so big, and cruel. I hate to think of them having to face it without protection." Destiny said with worry.

"I know, but the day comes when the young ones are ready to go out on their own. Maybe they'll prosper without the fates guiding them. And a whole new world will be open to them. I hear the savages to the west have progressed to the point where we might be able to civilize them." Gaea said off-handedly.

"Yes, but they will need to feel that we are their *own* gods. They would fight to the death rather than worship the gods of another country." Destiny said in warning.

"Yes child. I suppose the decision has been made, now we just need to play it out. Do you want to be here for the binding of death to debauchery?" Gaea asked as she scraped the last bit of juice from her bowl.

"Yes, I want to see everything, the broken made whole, the changed become transformed and my power will be needed for the willing sacrifice." Destiny said cryptically.

"You haven't spoken much about that one? What is the sacrifice?" Gaea asked curiously.

"Let it be a surprise. I know you'll approve." Destiny said with a smile before vanishing.

* * * * *

Charise pulled Phobos head aside and began to nibble on his ear lobe which made him shudder.

"Pho, you feel so good. Do it harder." She whispered into his ear with hot, heaving breaths.

Phobos was consumed by the sensations and couldn't help but accede to her command. Nothing in his life had prepared him for this level of feeling. Thought left him as his entire consciousness focused on thrusting.

"Just like that. It's perfect. Oh Pho, I'm close, it's so good." Charise said in an increasing voice.

Another level of pleasure flooded through Phobos as a part of his mind realized that he was not only getting pleasure, but also causing pleasure. He knew such fulfillment that he couldn't contain his joy.

Phobos let out a howl as he reached his climax and thrust and held the impossible moment of pleasure. It coursed through his body and spasms of release seemed to come from his toes and course out of his body and into the body of Charise.

The abrupt thrust and the howl of pleasure was all that was needed to push Charise over the precipice of her own control. She responded with a low moan from deep in her throat.

The first spasm of Phobos climax subsided and he released the tension that seemed to have flexed every muscle in his body. Then the next spasm of release came and he thrust harder and impossibly deeper as he rode the next wave of his climax. He didn't even register the next howl come from his own mouth.

Charise gasped for air then felt the next thrust which took her to a new level of her orgasm. She let out a moan, one octave higher than the last as she felt her muscles contract at the intensity of her pleasure. In some distant part of her mind the fact registered that this thirteen year old had curled her toes.

Phobos felt the vaginal muscles constrict around his engorged cock and it was as if it were drawing, milking, pulling the seed from his body. The sensation was so intense that he couldn't catch his breath. His entire body was concentrating on his next thrust.

Charise put her hands on Phobos firm ass, constricted with pleasure and grasped tightly. Her fingers dug into his flesh as he began to relax from his last thrust. She barely noticed the sound of Phobos gasping, trying to pull air into his lungs after his last scream.

Another thrust soon followed, and along with it a fresh wave of heightened sensations and howls of pleasures from both. Then another, and another.

Finally Phobos collapsed on Charise. She took in a shaking breath and waited for a moment for the stars to clear from her eyes.

"Pho?" she asked quietly and moved his head so she could look in his face.

There was no response, and the only sign of life in him was his slight breathing.

"Pho?" She asked louder with a tremble of fear.

The spark of fear in her, combined with their intimate contact and the sound of her voice was enough to pull Phobos back from the brink of oblivion.

"Charise?" Phobos asked quietly.

"Thank the gods, you scared me. Are you okay?" Charise asked with concern.

"I'm... you're... it was..." Phobos mumbled, not able to form words for what he was feeling.

Charise smiled and said, "Yeah, it was good for me too."

"If that was good, great would kill me." Phobos said as he came more awake.

Charise chuckled and said, "I've heard of that happening, someone passing out from pleasure... but I've never seen it happen before. It *was* great Pho, you're very special."

Phobos scooted closer to pull Charise into a deep kiss.

* * * * *

"Demi, hold on." Tad said quickly.

"Yeah?" Deimos said after releasing Tad's cock.

"I think we're ready to move on to the next thing." Tad said with a smile at Demi's flushed and feverish appearance.

"But I was enjoying the last thing." Deimos said frankly.

"We can go back to it later if you want. But... what did you think we were going to do when you came here?" Tad asked carefully.

"I thought I was gonna stick it in your butt." Deimos said, not meeting Tad's eyes.

"So do you want to do that now?" Tad asked gently.

"Would it be wrong if I wanted you to stick yours in my butt?" Deimos asked hesitantly.

"It's only wrong when you do something you don't want to. Is that what you want?" Tad asked carefully.

Deimos nodded and glanced up to look into Tad's eyes.

"Okay, but first you need to know that it's going to hurt when we start. No matter how carefully I prepare you, there will be some pain." Tad said, watching Deimos' eyes.

Deimos got a slight smile as he said, "A little pain won't bother me."

Tad could sense the truth of his words and moved down on the bed.

"Hand me those pillows, then raise up so I can put them under you." Tad said and extended his hand.

Deimos handed the pillows, then lifted.

"Now the oil pot, I need to be able to reach it." Tad said and held out his hand again.

When Tad was all set up he oiled both hands. He began to slowly stroke Deimos' cock with one hand as he gently massaged the general area of Deimos' most private opening.

Deimos relaxed under the dual sensations and waited expectantly as a finger kept finding it's way to his opening, then sliding away.

Finally after frustrating minutes, a single finger slipped in, up to the first knuckle.

Deimos was surprised by the feeling, he couldn't say there was any pain, but it was a little weird feeling movement down there.

Tad waited for Demi to adjust to the sensation before moving the finger in just a little more, then withdrawing it. He kept up, intruding just a little deeper each time until his entire finger was buried.

"Is that okay Demi?" Tad asked carefully.

"Um, yeah. A little weird, but it don't hurt or nothin." Deimos said in a considering voice.

"Good. I don't want you to hurt." Tad said tenderly as he withdrew his finger, then brought back two freshly oiled fingers.

Tad carefully pushed the fingers in and waited, just like before.

He slowly pressed them in, very carefully moving them around to coat the entrance with oil.

Finally when he was more than half way inside, he began to spread his fingers in a scissoring motion.

"That's, um... it's not bad but... it's tight." Deimos said with difficulty.

"Do you want me to stop?" Tad asked with concern.

"No, it's good, just different. Keep goin." Deimos said as he noticed that he was sweating.

Tad continued to scissor and stretch for a while longer before withdrawing and oiling three fingers.

"Wait." Deimos said and took a deep breath as he tried to adjust to the three fingers in his ass.

"Just say when." Tad whispered.

Deimos took two more deep breaths, then felt the muscle relax.

"Go ahead." Deimos sighed in relief.

"You're such a brave warrior. Lesser men have given up before this point." Tad said as he worked the fingers and spread the oil.

"I admire your ability to know what you want, and your courage to ask for it. I've known too many who come here and do things they don't enjoy because they think it's expected." Tad said as he finally got the muscle to loosen enough to allow him entrance.

"I'm going to put it in now, my warrior. Be brave and your perseverance will be rewarded." Tad said as he oiled his cock and lined it up at Deimos' opening.

"I'm ready." Deimos said with confidence.

Tad smiled at Deimos confident expression and pressed into the tight channel.

As soon as the head was completely in, he stopped.

"You okay?" Tad asked quietly.

"It's... like it's burning... but it's not bad... give me a second. It feels huge." Deimos said, trying to understand the sensation. He knew that Tad's cock was only about two inches longer than his own, but if felt as if he were being impaled on a pillar.

Tad waited, restraining his urge to thrust.

Deimos took a deep breath and felt the muscle relax.

"Okay, I'm good." Deimos said with a smile.

Tad was a little surprised at the smile. He had only had a few virgins, but all of them had been crying by this point. Deimos truly was a warrior.

"I'm half in, that was the tough part. Now I'm going to start, you've got to tell me 'faster', 'slower', 'harder', 'ease up', stuff like that. I won't know if you don't tell me, and we're here to have fun." Tad said seriously as he began to gently thrust.

Deimos responded by saying, "Harder."

Tad smiled and kept the same pace but moved with more force.

"Faster." Deimos said with a note of desperation in his voice.

Tad increased his rhythm and continued thrusting.

"Faster and harder." Deimos said as he enjoyed the feeling of being filled.

Tad again increased his pace and rhythm, then scooted forward slightly for a better angle.

"That there. Do that again!" Deimos said with a gasp.

Tad smiled at his accomplishment. He had hoped that Demi would be one of those blessed with a prostate that enjoyed stimulation.

"Gods! More!" Deimos gasped as Tad worked to encounter the magical spot with every thrust.

Tad looked at Demi and was taken aback at the beauty of this young man who was sweating, his hands balled in the sheets, lost in his ecstasy.

Deimos could feel a fluttering in his belly, getting stronger and stronger.

"Oh Demi, I'm close... I'm real close." Tad said as he felt his orgasm approaching.

Deimos was beyond rational thought and had become a creature of instinct and emotion.

Tad held Demi's legs with a bruising grip as he made a stabbing thrust and held it as his seed began to spill.

The sensation of the warm seed shooting inside him, coupled with the violent thrust pushed Deimos past the point of no return and just a second behind Tad, his own orgasm began.

Tad felt the sudden constriction of the muscles around his cock and the flow of his seed was completely stopped. He gasped at the sensation, never having felt it before.

As the first spasm of Deimos' orgasm released, so too, did his muscles relax, allowing Tad to release again.

"Oh Gods! Oh Gods!" Tad screamed as his seed released and he achieved a level of orgasm he had never before known.

Demi had tears running down his face from the overflowing pleasure that he was unable to process any other way.

"Oh Gods Demi, that was..." Tad gasped as he finally came to the end of the most intense orgasm of his life.

"Tad..." Deimos whispered, looking into Tad's eyes.

Tad took a deep breath, then thought to ask, "Did I hurt you?"

Deimos began to laugh at the thought.

Tad carefully withdrew from Deimos and let out a sigh of relief when he saw only a faint streak of blood... nothing serious.

"No, you didn't hurt me... that was the... I never felt nothin..." Deimos said, at a loss for words.

"Me either. You were wonderful Demi." Tad said warmly.

Deimos didn't have any answer to that, so he guided Tad to lay beside him and pulled him into a deep kiss.

To Be Continued...