Controlling Chaos

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Chapter Twenty

Joxer sat dreamily, wrapped in Ares arms, cradled against his chest. They had spent the entire day in bed, making slow passionate love, talking, or just sitting silently like now.

"Ares?" Joxer said in a whisper.

"Hmmm?" Ares replied, just as softly.

"I feel like going dancing." Joxer said, snuggling down against Ares chest.

"Hmmm." Ares hummed contentedly.

"Was that a 'Hmmm. Yes, I'd love to go dancing'? Or a 'Hmmm. No, I'd rather not'? Or a 'Hmmm. Go ahead. Tell me about it when you get back'?" Joxer asked with a note of teasing.

"Um... the first one." Ares said, nuzzling into Joxer's hair.

"Where do you like to go to dance?" Joxer asked, in a near catatonic daze.

"I don't normally go dancing, but there is a week long festival in Arcadia. It's a little formal as I remember, but they usually have good music for dancing." he replied automatically.

"Hmmm. Then let's do that. After..." Joxer said as he reached behind him to take hold of Ares renewed erection.

"Yes, after that." Ares said happily.

* * * * *

The sun was about to set as Jett walked into the Corinthian bar. Zeus was seated at a table and already had a drink in front of him.

Jett walked up to the table and asked, "Been waiting long?"

"No, just a few minutes. Do you think they'll be watching?" Zeus asked with a barely concealed smile.

"I'm sure of it. I just said that I had a date this evening and stayed happy all day. I don't think either one of them got any work done, wondering what I was up to." Jett said with a laugh.

"Then let the show begin." Zeus said with a smile as he dipped his finger into his drink.

He slowly brought the finger to Jett's mouth. Jett kept his mouth closed for a second as Zeus traced his lips with the wine-covered finger before Jett finally parted his lips slightly.

Zeus forced his finger into Jett's mouth and began moving it in and out in a lewd, violent fashion as Jett slurped. Other patrons of the bar noticed and tried to turn away at the rather disgusting sight.

Jett let his hand drift from his own lap to the lap of Zeus, and felt for his erection through his pants. When he found it, he gave it a squeeze.

Zeus took his finger out of Jett's mouth with a pop and dunked two fingers into the wine before bringing them back to Jett's mouth.

The bartender was watching the display with revulsion. He had no problem with couples showing affection in his bar, no problems with male couples, even though it was rare. But these two were just nauseating.

"You two need to get a room or get out. We don't need this in the bar." the bartender said with disgust.

Zeus looked up at the man and waved his free hand. The bartender found himself in Sparta... nude except for a yellow hat... riding a donkey.

At the display of god powers, the other patrons of the bar understood not to interfere with the two men.

Zeus pulled his two fingers free. He placed one of his hands behind Jett's neck and pulled him in for a deep, animal, violent kiss. There were grunts and slurps coming from both men as Zeus worked his other hand into Jett's pants.

Two of the bar's patrons hurriedly left the bar. One of whom looked as though he were ready to hurl.

Zeus was working Jett's erection furiously inside his pants with his hand as he began to lick down the side of Jett's face, then began to tongue his ear.

Jett was losing the ability to reason. For some reason this nasty, raunchy, aggressive style was really getting him hot. He shifted his weight to turn Zeus and lost his balance, throwing them both out of their chairs. They nearly fell on three more patrons who were running for the exit.

Within minutes they were humping each other vigorously on the floor. Grinding their pelvises with grunts and moans and even a snort from somewhere. Jett finally came back to himself enough to say, "Do you think they saw that?"

Zeus simply said, "Fuck 'em, let 'em get their own." Then he took a handful of Jett's hair and pulled his head back painfully before starting to suck on his neck.

* * * * *

Cupid was waiting in his temple for Strife to arrive. He had no idea how to dress for their date so he decided to wear his simple white pants and leather harness, even though the harness served no purpose without his quiver of arrows and crossbow.

In a flash that was a smudge of darkness, Strife appeared. A moment later, in another dark display, Thanatos also appeared, off to the side. Strife was wearing all white. Tight, white leather pants, much like Cupid's own but so tight that NOTHING was left to the imagination. He had on a white billowing Chin silk shirt with puffy sleeves. The shirt was open to mid-chest exposing Strife's skin. Normally Strife appeared to be pale, but against the white silk, he looked almost tanned. And his hair... his hair was neatly combed and gelled down with something. He looked gloriously beautiful, from the top of his neatly combed hair to the soles of his white mid-calf boots.

"You... you look great!" Cupid said amazed.

Strife just smiled and extended his hand in invitation.

Cupid took his hand and in a smudge of darkness, they were behind some tents, in Arcadia at the festival.

Strife pulled Cupid along, out into the public thoroughfare and they walked along until they reached a courtyard where many couples were dancing.

"Would you do me the honor of this dance?" Strife said very carefully.

Cupid was so stunned at Strife's proper use of language that he just nodded.

The crowd had hushed as they approached. Gods were known to attend this festival, and everyone knew Cupid (the big white wings were a giveaway), but the murmurs that started through the crowd were about Cupid's companion.

Very few knew what Strife looked like, and those who did were looking back at him five and six times to be sure. So only the music could be heard as Cupid and Strife took the dance floor.

Strife took Cupid into his arms and began to dance. The style of dance was formal and proper, just the way Cupid liked it (since he didn't have a speck of grace or flare). All the other dancers stood aside to watch the couple.

It occurred to Cupid that Strife didn't like this kind of thing. He was about to say something when he looked into Strife's eyes and saw the love and beauty there. Cupid understood. Strife didn't enjoy formal dances, formal clothes, or formal speech. But he enjoyed their closeness, their dancing, their being together... and that made all the rest incidental.

The first song ran into the second and the dancing continued. Eventually the crowd of people got over the surprise of Strife a) being alive, b) dressed in white, c) dancing with Cupid, and they began to dance as before the couple's arrival.

* * * * *

Jace was watching the dance wistfully, unseen to mortal eyes. He had a few little debauchery jobs to do here tonight and wanted to take the time to watch the people enjoying themselves. When Cupid and Strife had taken the dance floor, he was as surprised as anyone. They moved perfectly to the music and were a striking couple. Jace would never have credited Strife with being able to pull off that look. But he did it beautifully.

Jace moved over to the punchbowl and poured a little of his special blend in. Now the punch had a lot more punch than it started with. Earlier he had visited a wine merchant on the thoroughfare and gave his wine a little extra kick. These stuffy formal things sometimes needed a little debauchery to remind the high and mighty how to have fun.

As he moved back to the spot where he had been standing, he found a single rose with a note. He looked around, but no one was near. He picked up the rose and read the note.

Someone cares,


Jace looked around again but didn't see anyone out of place. This had to be the work of an Olympian to have had access to his office. But the only Olympians that Jace could see were Cupid, Strife and Thanatos...

Thanatos with a 'T'.

* * * * *

Iolaus and Hercules were on the road again. The light had given out and it was time to make camp. Neither of them had said much this day because, there was just nothing to say. After all the years traveling together, it had all been said, and there hadn't been any occurrences worth talking about for a week on this trip.

Iolaus decided to try again as they started to set up the camp.

"Herc, what do you think about two guys, I mean like together?" Iolaus asked carefully.

"Never gave it much thought, to each his own I guess." Hercules said as he sat out his bedroll.

"Well haven't you ever wondered what it was like to be with another man?" Iolaus prompted, hoping that Hercules wouldn't get angry.

"Nope. I'm going to go catch something for dinner. Would you gather some firewood?" Hercules continued.

"Sure..." Iolaus mumbled and thought, [That's the ONLY warmth I'll be getting tonight.]

* * * * *

Ares and Joxer appeared just outside the courtyard where the dancers were. As they approached the dance floor, they noticed Cupid and Strife dancing. Ares and Joxer both stood in shock with their mouths open for a second when they saw Strife dressed in white, dancing with the dignity and bearing of a prince.

Ares came back to himself first and said, "I guess him being Prince of Asphodel has really made a difference."

"Guess so." Joxer said, still amazed.

With a little prompting from his husband, Joxer was led out to the dance floor. Rather than use the more formal style of dance like Cupid and Strife, Ares chose to hold Joxer close to him and move with the music. If anyone objected... well he was the God of War so they'd just better not.

* * * * *

Hera and Lust had been standing, looking into the scrying pool with wide eyed horror for over an hour.

They turned as one and silently walked away. Hera was thinking, [No way I'm having sex tonight, after seeing that I might not ever have sex again.]

At the same time Lust was thinking, [If only there were some way to make my memory vomit...]

To Be Continued...