Book 5: Demon Parenting: A Handbook

By MultiMapper
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Chapter 6

As the trio arrived at 'Hippies Rock' Willie said to his Poppa, "I think I got my new name."

"Don't tell me that you want to be called 'the little shit' because I had that name first." Alexander said in a teasing voice.

"Naw, when we left Aunt Lily called me 'Wil', I think I like the sound of that." Wil told his Poppa happily.

"Wil, I agree, that's a very good name for you, besides Willie is a kids name and you are growing into a young man." Alexander said with pride.

"May I still call you William?" Wesley asked while finding a parking place.

"Sure Daddy." Wil said happily.

"Let's get ready to swim." Alexander said with enthusiasm.

The trio raced to shed their clothes, having put their swim suits on before leaving Aunt Lily's house. Wesley gathered towels and a blanket to carry to the beach.

As Wesley walked from the car, Alexander paused and saw the pale angular form of Wesley walking away wearing only swimming trunks. For the first time since Spike, he felt a tingle of desire. A few moments later he snapped himself out of his thoughts. He surreptitiously adjusted himself then took Wil's hand to join Wesley who was far up the beach by now.

* * * * *

Wesley was sitting on the blanket watching as Alexander and William played in the water. Aunt Lily had been correct, the humans barely outnumbered the non-humans here and everyone got along fine. There were two demons with a reptilian appearance sunning themselves on a large rock, watching William with a wistful look. Wesley suspected that they were a couple and about to decide that they wanted a young one of their own. The look was unmistakable.

At a squeal from William, Wesley's attention was fixed firmly back on the two playing in the water. William was in demon form and using his aquatic features for all they were worth. Thanks to Alexander's greater strength and size, he was able to keep up with William, no matter how fast he tried to go.

Wesley found himself focusing on Alexander's body. He found him to be quite pleasing to look at. Alexander's form was toned and trim. His face had the appearance of an eighteen year-old even though he had to be twenty-five by now. When Alexander turned away to watch William, Wesley found his eyes drawn to Alexander's firm buttocks. And his legs were well muscled, he obviously had the traditional swimmer's body.

Noticing a rising in his new swim trunks, Wesley turned himself so he was laying on his stomach and propped on his elbows. His mind began to drift, forming fantasies when a voice called to him. "Daddy! You wanna come and play?" William called from a few feet away.

Wesley snapped his attention to William and said, "Not just yet. I'll come out and play in a bit."

William dropped onto the blanket beside Wesley. "You got a stiffy for Poppa, don'tcha?" William asked with a knowing smile.

"Well... I'm not... William... I don't..." Wesley sputtered.

"He was checkin you out too, when you left the car. He was sportin some wood for you." William said in a conspiratorial tone.

William jumped up off the blanket and ran back to join his Poppa.

* * * * *

"Is Wesley going to join us?" Alexander asked as Wil swam up to him.

"In a minute. He's got a boner and won't get off the blanket till it goes away." Wil said with a big smile.

"Wil!, that's not a nice thing to say about your Daddy." Alexander said offended.

"What's a matter Pop? He does, he was checkin you out jus the same as you was checkin him out at the car." Wil said defensively.

"He what? I wasn't... I didn't... Wil..." Alexander sputtered.

"That's about what he said when I told him." Wil said with a wicked smile.

"You told him? That I... him?" Alexander said with the last of his breath.

"Catch me if you can!" Wil said as he took off full speed away from his sputtering Poppa.

* * * * *

There had been an hour of silence in the car. Wil had decided to be quiet to allow Daddy and Poppa time to talk. But they wouldn't talk. They wouldn't even look at each other. It was obvious that these two were attracted to each other, but left like this, they'd never get around to it.

"So, you two gonna snog or what?" Wil asked from the back seat.


"What's it gonna take to get you two ta figure it out? You got the hots for each other. Give me one good reason that you two shouldn't be together." Wil said forcefully.

"Wil, you're embarrassing Wesley. It's not nice to tease him like this, and I won't allow it." Alexander said in an angry tone.

"But..." Wil tried to say as Wesley cut in.

"It's not proper to say such things about your Poppa."

"But..." Wil tried again.

"I think you should apologize to Wesley right now." Alexander said angrily.

"For what?" Wil asked confused.

"For saying those things." Alexander said in a near snarl.

"Which things?" Wil asked, hoping he could get his Poppa to say it out loud.

"For saying that Wesley is attracted to me. It's wrong to say things like that about people when they're not true." Alexander blurted out.

For a moment only the sound of the engine could be heard.

"I am." Wesley said quietly.

"What?" Alexander asked with a complete change in tone. From angry to disbelieving in 0.23 seconds.

"I am attracted to you." Wesley said timidly, preparing for an insult or a physical blow.

"Oh... me too." Alexander said, then continued, "I mean... to you."

Wil sat quietly in the back seat and began to draw again while he thought, [Stupid bloody pillocks was never gonna git to it if I didn't give them a push.]

* * * * *

Before a half an hour had passed, Wil had fallen asleep in the back seat. Wesley and Alexander had been silent, but were exchanging meaningful glances.

"How are we going to do this?" Wesley asked in a whisper.

"Before I embarrass myself by answering the wrong question, which 'this' are you referring to?" Alexander responded in a low voice.

"I mean, a relationship between us, there's no point in trying to hide it from William, but I don't know how Angel will react. I wouldn't want this to damage your reputation." Wesley said sadly.

"My reputation? Everybody knows I was with Spike, so I don't know what reputation you're trying to protect." Alexander said in true puzzlement. "Besides, I'm more worried about your reputation."

"I'm a rogue demon hunter, my reputation can only improve." Wesley said with a small smile.

Wesley's smile was contagious, soon they were both smiling, and the smiles became laughter.

After their nervous tension was released, Alexander made a move, he placed his hand, palm up beside Wesley's leg.

Wesley noticed the movement and thought the gesture incredibly sweet, so he dropped one hand off the steering wheel and took Alexander's hand in his own. For the rest of the drive back to L.A. they were holding hands and whispering.

* * * * *

As they pulled up to the hotel, Alexander whispered, "If you'll take Wil up to our room, I'm going to talk with Angel."

"Shouldn't I be with you when you tell him?" Wesley asked incredulously.

"If you want to be, we can do it later. I just don't want to leave Wil alone at any time with Drucilla in the building." Alexander whispered in reply.

"Very well, I can understand that." Wesley whispered as he looked at the sleeping form of William.

Wesley brought the car to a stop and Alexander got out and took an armload of supplies out of the trunk of the car.

Once inside, Alexander put the towels and blanket on the check-in counter and checked to see if Angel was in his office.

"Angel, do you mind if I talk to you for a minute?" Alexander asked nervously.

"Your back? Sure... come in." Angel said a bit flustered at Xander's nervousness.

"I needed to tell you...." Alexander trailed off.

Angel nodded his head, prompting him to continue.

"...that Wesley and I..." And he trailed off again.

Angel lifted his hand and made a rolling 'continue' motion.

"...are together, as in a couple." Alexander finished quietly.

Angel sat silently for a moment, making sure that that was all. When he was sure he said, "You mean you weren't before?"

"No... we never... we still haven't..." Alexander stammered wide eyed.

Angel put up a hand to stop the verbal staggering and said, "None of my business, but if it was, I'd be happy for you both."

Alexander stood and opened his mouth to say something. Then he shut it and turned and walked out. He stopped just outside the doorway and said, "Thanks Angel."

Angel just smiled and went back to work.

* * * * *

By the time Alexander made his way up to the room, Wesley already had Wil in bed and was sitting watching him sleep. Alexander walked up behind his chair and put his hands on Wesley's shoulders and joined him watching Wil.

After a few minutes, Alexander pulled another chair up beside Wesley and began to whisper, "I don't know how we're going to do this, I don't want to do anything in front of Wil and I don't want to leave Wil alone with Drucilla in the building.

"You've already told Angel, I assume?" Wesley asked Alexander quietly.

"Yes, he thought we were together already. He has no problem with us." Alexander said quietly with a laugh.

"Then why don't we ask him if we can use one of the two bedroom suites on the third floor. It's time for William to have his own room anyway." Wesley said seriously.

"That's a great idea Wesley. I'll go ask Angel right now." Alexander said quietly, getting out of his chair.

"I'll get some things together to take up to the new room for the night. We can move the rest tomorrow." Wesley said, getting up from his own chair.

Alexander walked toward the door then stopped. He turned around, walked back to Wesley and pulled him into his arms and kissed him firmly. The kiss deepened and became more passionate as Alexander's hands drifted down to Wesley's firm buttocks. Wesley responded with a squeak when Alexander pulled him tight to him and ground his erection against Wesley for just a moment before breaking their kiss.

Wesley stood stunned as Alexander tried to get his breath back. Finally Alexander said, "I'll be right back... I'll hurry."

"Me too." Said Wesley breathlessly.

To Be Continued...

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